WWF Warzone (PSX) Cheats

WWF Warzone cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Ego Mode
Win the WWF title in season mode with Ahmed Johnson on either Medium or Hard. As the crowd cheers the wrestlers head increases in size as booing makes their head smaller


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Alternate Costumes
To use the wrestlers alternate outfits, simply hold down L2 while choosing your wrestler. For more costumes, make sure your difficulty is set on Medium or Hard, then follow the instructions below.

To unlock Goldust's hidden outfits (Marilyn Dust and Dusty Dust), win the WWF title in Challenge mode with him.
Beans Mode
To access Beans Mode, win the World Title with Mosh on Medium difficulty.
Big Heads
Beat the Challenge mode with the British Bulldog.
Cheat Menu
When the elevator on the main menu is going up, press L1, then press R1 to descend into the basement. This is where your cheat codes will appear once you've unlocked them.
Dude Love and Cactus Jack
To play as Dude Love and Cactus Jack, win the title with Mankind in a one-player VS. game.
Extra Cold Outfits
To obtain the "Extra Cold" feature, simply beat the game with Stone Cold Steve Austin. This will give you access to two additional outfits. To pick them, Hold the appropiate shoulder button while choosing him.

L1=Regular Outfit (Black tights)
L2=Alternate Outfit (Tights and 3:16 vest)
R1=Extra Outfit 1 (Jeans and 3:16 vest)
R2=Extra Outfit 2 (Jeans and 3:16 shirt)
Ladies Night
To create a female wrestler, complete challenge mode with Triple H or Shawn Michaels.
No Meters
To turn off all meters, beat the Challenge mode with the Undertaker.
No Wimps Mode
To get the "No Wimps Mode", which turns off all blocking, win the title with Ken Shamrock on medium or hard modes.
Outside Interference
To call for a certain wrestler to run in during a match, hold all four top buttons (L1+L2+R1+R2) and press a direction + a button. Each combination of a direction and a button corresponds to each of the 16 wrestlers in the game.

Note: it becomes a Handicap match with you and whoever you called in against your opponent, but no matter what happens, your opponent will win by Disqualification. Also, it can only be done in a 1-on-1 VS Match.
Play As Ratllesnake
Win the title with a created wrestler on medium or hard.
Play As Sue
To play as Sue the ring girl, win the World Title with Bret Hart or Owen Hart on Medium Difficulty.
View all Cinema Scenes
At the Press Start screen, press Up+Triangle, Right+O, Down+X, Left+Square in that order four times, then press L1+R1, L2+R2, L1+R1, L2+R2. Above the Press Start text will be the word "Movie". Press up or down to select one of 64 different cinema scenes throughout the game.

After you view the first movie, the "Press Start" screen will be pitch black. From there press up or down to change the movie, then press X to view a different movie, but keep in mind that you will not be able to see what number movie you are going to because the screen will be black.
Wrestler as training mode wrestler
Go to training mode and from the screen where you choose wrestlers select custom followed by trainer.