WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It review
A flawed, but great game

The good:

The grahpics are much better than in the previous Smackdowns, and it also features a nice list of wrestlers to choose from. Plenty of secrets and matches will keep you hooked. Also the Create-a-wrestler has become much better and more fun to use. Many more moves have been added, and some look a lot better than before. (Stone Cold Stunner comes to mind) Plus, the entrences have been re-done and the horrible load times have disappeared. Pretty much this game has pretty much everything you could want in a wrestling game.

The bad:

There is but one flaw that cannot be overlooked, and that would be the SHORT SHORT SHORT Story Mode. One of the great fun in wrestling games is taking a wrestler, and taking him to the top match by match.
Here is JBI's way to be the champ: Pick a man, listen to whoever comes out, fight him, listen to another guy, fight him, beat the champ. Well, that was long wasn't it?? Just 3 matches and you are the WWF champ, wow. THQ has really put one over on we fans with that mode.

On a side note, the commentary was a nice touch, but when u listen to it, you'll realize why it suddenly isn't a nice touch. Here's a sample for u:
Tazz: "The Undertaker is the best......World Wrestling Federation........Champion.....we've ever had." Great job, eh?


Overall its a great game, except for Story Mode and the commentary just seemed to have been rushed. (I hope they use King and JR in the next Smackdown, instead of Tazz and Cole) I definetly recommend this game, however, if u are looking for a good story mode, a mere 20 bucks will get you a copy of Smackdown 2.

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