WWF SmackDown! review
wwf smackdown 1

The good:

This is a good classic for people who like wrestling and collect Wrestling games.

The bad:

There arent enough superstars and the create a superstar mode isn't to cracky either. There are not enough match types smackdown 2 has alot more.


As the first smackdown ever brought out I would have to say this game is a good one to buy and is cheap now its been out a while and smackdown 2 has now been released. The grafix are fairly good and i would say not far from that of smackdown 2. There are not enough wrestlers on the game when compared with other older games although there are some older superstars. I like what they have done with the season mode to the storyline is great you start at the bottom of the wwe and work your way up to be the number one contender for the title which is better than some older games i have played in which you can get the title easily. I don like the caw mode as you have to have the other superstars faces and clothing so they look just like the superstars already on the game.
overall this is a good game for collecters and people who just like to play wrestling and fighting games, but smackdown 2 is a far better game to buy as it has much more improvements and match types. read my smackdown 2 reveiw to find out more about it.

*caw= create a wrestler

thanks for reading my reveiw


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