WWF No Mercy Cheats

WWF No Mercy cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more WWF No Mercy cheat codes.

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WWF No Mercy Cheats

Bonus wrestlers

You can either buy these wrestlers at the SmackDown Mall or you can unlock them by doing the following:

Jerry "the King" LawlerDefeat the 21st opponent in survival mode.
Shane McMahonDefeat the 31st opponent in survival mode.
Mae YoungDefeat the 41st opponent in survival mode.
Cactus JackDefeat the 51st opponent in survival mode.
Ken ShamrockDefeat the 61st opponent in survival mode.
Mick FoleyDefeat the 71st opponent in survival mode.
Vince McMahonDefeat the 81st opponent in survival mode.
Shawn MichealsDefeat the 91st opponent in survival mode.
Andre The GiantDefeat the 101st opponent in survival mode.

The following characters can also be unlocked by playing through Championship mode:

Vince McMahonWWF course, chapter 10-3
Shane McMahonIntercontinental course, chapter 9-4
Linda McMahonWWF course, chapter 10-2
Earl HebnerWWF course, chapter 10-4
Shawn MichealsWWF course, chapter 10-9
Cactus JackHardcore course, chapter 9-7
Mick FoleyWWF course, chapter 10-1
Andre The GiantWWF course, chapter 10-8

Random character
At the character selection screen, press C-Down.

Alternate costumes
At the character selection screen, press C-Left or C-Right.

Use Other Bonus Characters
You can unlock these other bonus characters from the Character Selection Screen. Simply highlight the indicated character, and press the indicated code:

To Use This CharacterHighlight...And Press...
DebraTerriC-Left or C-Right
Fabulous MoolahMae YoungC-Left or C-Right
FunakiTanka MichinokuC-Left or C-Right
GoodfatherGodfatherC-Left or C-Right
JacquelineIvoryC-Left or C-Right
Jim RossJerry "The King" Lawler*C-Right
Gerald BriscoJerry "The King" Lawler*C-Right (x2)
Pat PattersonJerry "The King" Lawler*C-Right (x3)
Howard FinkelEarl Hebner*C-Right
Paul BearerEarl Hebner*C-Right (x2)
Michael ColeEarl Hebner*C-Right (x3)

* These characters must be unlocked first.

Manager Assistance
To have your manager help you during a match,hold c-up + c-down + Z on controller three.

Smoking Skull Belt
Win challenge with Steve Austin.

Owen Hart
Do the Heavyweight Championship witn Andre the Giant. Owen will challenge you at Wrestlemania.
submitted by JOHN 3:16

How to get an easy win
You can do this cheat in nearly any match. If its a tag match, take your opponent (the legal man) to the outside, and slap a submission move on him. Try and do a leg submission, eg. figure four, and keep doing it till he taps out. Then take him in and stick it on once more and he will tap out so fast his team mate wont have time to break it. If you are in a cage or ladder match, keep putting the submission move on until it says "losing it" in his health metre. The you can just stroll out of that cage or up that ladder.
submitted by The Ayatollah (Jabroni_101@smackdown.com)

Male wrestlers in the swimsuit competition
Select womens belt pick a male wrestler win 4 or five matches after that will be a swimsuit contest the wrestler you selected will be wearing a 2 piece swim suit not a cheat just something fun to do if you are bored.
submitted by X-pac59


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Brock Lesnar
UnlockableHow to unlock
Brock LesnarDefeat all superstars on your own in Survival Mode
Brock Lesnar (method 2)Complete Championship Mode in World Heavyweight 100% with either Hardy Boy.


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Button Combination For Special
After you activate special press down on analog/digital pad and then press a.
Easier way to defeat a Super Heavy Weight
In order for this to work is that you have to put lots of damage on your opponent and then pick up your opponent off the ground and he will be down on the mat for a long time repeat this again and get another huge momentum increase meter bar and less time to activate your special meter and beat your opponent
Easily Wear Down an Opponent!
Is the challenger getting to tough for you? Reversing or blocking all of your moves? Well, let's go easy on your fingers for slamming the buttons, or the controller for that point. In order to easily wear down your opponent, then if using a CAW make sure one your "High Flying Move", whilst your challenger is standing, is a 'Diving Moonsault'. This move is VERY effective in wearing him/her down. It helps when you're losing, in a Royal Rumble, and much more.

Now, if you aren't choosing your CAW then it'll be a bit tougher. First you must learn your guys flying moves, and ones you've memorised them, and then you go to the rope, and JUMP, if you have your opponent where you want him, it shouldn't be too hard to hit him, and doing this as soon as he gets up, gives him VERY LITTLE time to reverse or block your high flying attack!

Now, get off of your computer chair, and go play the game!
Easy Victories
Increase your opponents weight to 400+ lbs. When you heft/suplex him/her over you'll receive a seriuos power boost.
Win Womens Belt with a male superstar
Just go into Single match and select the Womens Belt then Select a male super star and face the womens champion and then after you win you will be the new Women's Champion

Easter eggs

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Buyable Burning Hammer Special Move in Smackdown Mall
When all buyable moves are available in the Smackdown Mall scroll down the list amd one of the moves is actually WWE Tyler Rek's Finishing Move "The Burning Hammer"
Clone Created Superstars Main Intro Video
Go To Edit Superstar and clone as many of your created superstars over top of superstars in the intro video. Now Reset the game and don't press anything and wait until the video plays and your created superstars will be in it.


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Andre The Giant
When you beat all the matches in storymode, the last one will be against Andre The Giant. He id really slow and can be defeated quite easily. When you beat him, you will keep the title and he will be unlocked.
Get Backlash Arena in Pay Per View Mode
If you don't have Backlash already and you want to play it, do this. You have to have the Armegeddon Arena first but, you select the Pay Per View mode and type in Backlash. When you select your arena, choose Armegeddon. When you back out to the Pay Per View menu, the Arena will say Backlash. Put in what city you want and how ever many maches and when you start it, your Pay Per View will be in the Backlash arena.
Patched Game Shark Codes
Note: Before you use these codes in a match,pick the superstar in the mall then go to the move that the Game Shark Codes has change then save it like that. Now you can use these codes in a match.

1) Kurt Angle Ankle Lock (Ground)
81321928 1080

2) Kurt Angle Moonsault
8132197C 0311

3) Kurt Angle Moonsault (Outside)
81321980 3001

4) Edge Inverted DDT
8132215E 181C

5) The Rock Sharpshooter
813209F6 0040

6) Kane Last Ride
81320C46 A825

7) Shane O' Mac Olympic Slam
81323D36 F82C

8) GodFather Pimp Drop
81321B76 5897
TLC match (gameshark)
R= Replaces

"TLC p1"
81052CB0 04F9
81052CB2 04F8
81052CB4 09CB
81052CB6 09EF

"TLC p2"
d1064880 2000
8116C382 06F5
d1064880 2000
8116C436 06F5

"TLC p3"
D1064880 0801
8115AEC6 009B
D1064880 0401
8115AEC6 00C0
D1064880 2800
8115B21E 009B
D1064880 2400
8115B21E 00C0

81052CB8 2CC1
81052CBC 2D0B
81052CC8 2CC1
81052CCC 2D0B
81052CD0 2CC1
81052CD4 2D0B
81052CD8 2CC1
81052CDC 2D0B
81052CE8 2CC1
81052CEC 10D0
81052CF0 2CC1
81052CF4 10D0
81052CF8 2CC1
81052D00 10D0
81052D04 2CC1
81052D08 10D3
81052D0C 2CC1
81052D0E 2CC1
81052D10 10D3
81052D12 0000
81052D14 2CC1
81052D18 2CC1
81052D18 10D3
81052D1A 0000

81050190 09EF
81050192 0000
81050194 09EF
81050196 09CB

81052CC0 2CCD
81052CC4 2D23
Use opponents specials
Get your special up, strong grapple the opponent and press A and B together and you will do it. it also works for back specials and Submission specials. so in other words i could be Stone Cold VS Chris Jericho and i could do the Continuous Powerbomb and then the Walls of Jericho!