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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Blue Meanie Character FAQ

by Nomad Z 2000   Updated to v1.0 on
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Version 1.0
Date: 10/02/2001
Written By: Nomad Z 2000
System: Nintendo 64
E-Mail: joshuamccammon@hotmail.com

I. Meanie's Bio

     He's a roly-poly merry ol' soul, but this Santa-shaped 
star ain't no saint. The Blue Meanie's offbeat antics and 
extreme heritage confound even the most solid of opponents. 
Not afraid to attempt athletic feats for which his jiggly body 
was not made, Meanie and his top-rope Meaniesault are as much 
a sight as his garish pre- and post-match dancing show.
     The Blue Meanie had found an immediate new home, the World 
Wrestling Federation. He became a part of Al Snow's JOB squad. 
Meanie always was seen with the JOB Squad. Meanie was there to 
provide help for Gillberg and Snow when needed.
     Later on Meanie became BlueDust and fueded with Goldust. 
After taunting Goldust several times, including attacking him 
and giving him a "Bluebath" in Toronto's Skydome, Goldust and 
BlueDust met one on one at the WWF's St, Valentine's Day 
Massacre PPV event in Memphis. The match was one of shortest 
ones on the PPV.
     After the match, though, BlueDust helped Goldust in a few 
of his matches and he became a Goldust roadie of sorts. The pair 
soon gelled into a head-turning duo, to say the least, with 
Goldust now claiming to be Meanie's "Mommy." Birth Certificates 
notwithstanding, the newfound family soon provided support for 
the other in and around the squared circle, culminating with 
Goldust winning his own personal Oscar, the WWF Intercontinental 
Championship in late March 1999 from the Road Dogg Jesse James 
on Raw is War after the Meanie handed Jammes his belt...across 
the face!

II. Meanie's Moves

-Weak Attacks-
B (Arm): Slap 03
B+D-pad (Arm): Elbow Strike
B (Leg): Front Kick 01
B+D-pad (Leg): Front Kick 05
-Strong Attacks-
B: Jumping Front Dropkick
B+D-pad: Overhand Punch 01
A+B: Spinning Punch
-Running Attacks-
Down-C+[B]: Running Shoulder Block
Down-C+[A+B]: Running Back Elbow Smash
D-Pad + Down-C + [B]: Running Clothesline
D-pad + Down-C + [A+B]: Kitchen Sink
-Turnbuckle Attacks-
B: Chop
D-Pad + B: Front Kick
-Running Turnbuckle Attacks-
Down-C + B: Running Body Avalanche
Down-C + A + B: Running Clothesline
-Corner Counter-
Irish whip to Corner Counter: Boot to Face
-Tree of Woe Attacks-
B: Front Kick
D-Pad + B: Front Kick
Down-C + B: Running Shoulder Block
-Apron Attacks-
To Inside: Knee Strike
To Outside: Strong Kick
-Irish Whip Attack-
B: Short Kick
-Recovery Attack-
Ducking Attack: Low Blow
-Counter Attacks-
Counter Punch: Strong Attack [B+D-Pad]
Special Counter Punch: Front Special Grapple
Counter Kick [A]: Pushing Takedown Counter
Counter Kick [B]: Elbow Crush Counter
Special Counter Kick: Special Back Grapple

-Weak Front Grapple-
A: Overhand Punch
A+L/R: Snapmare
A+Up: Headbutt
A+Down: Scoop Slam
B: Headlock Takedown
B+L/R: Falling Neckbreaker
B+Up: Suplex
B+Down: Piledriver 01
-Strong Front Grapple-
A: Headlock with Punch
A+L/R: Shoulder Thrusts
A+Up: Snake Eyes
A+Down: Small Package
B: Manhattan Drop
B+L/R: Giant Headbutt
B+Up: Thrusting Shoulderbreaker
B+Down: Falling Powerslam (F)
Special: Flowing DDT
Front Stolen Move (A+B): Flowing DDT
-Weak Rear Grapple-
A: Forearm Smash
A+D-pad: Forearm Smash
B: Multiple Headbutts
B+D-pad: Multiple Headbutts
-Strong Rear Grapple-
A: School Boy Pin
A+D-pad: School Boy Pin
B: Atomic Drop
B+D-pad: Atomic Drop
Special: Rolling Crutch Pin
Back Stolen Move (A+B): Rolling Crutch Pin
-Counter Grapple-
Back Weak Grapple Counter: Counter Elbow Strike
Back Strong Grapple Counter: Counter Groin Kick
-Irish Whip Grapple-
Tap A (Weak): Back Toss
Hold A (Weak): Monkey Toss
Tap A (Strong): Back Body Flip
Hold A (Strong): Spinebuster
Control Stick (Weak or Strong): Front Special Grapple
-Front Turnbuckle Grapple-
A (Weak): Shoulder Thrusts
B (Weak): 10 Punch
A (Strong): Foot Choke
B (Strong): Tornado DDT
Control Stick: None
Stolen Turnbuckle Grapple: Tornado DDT
-Back Turnbuckle Grapple-
A (Weak): Forearm Smash
B (Weak): Forearm Smash
A (Strong): Super Backdrop
B (Strong): Super Backdrop
Control Stick: None
Stolen Back Turnbuckle Grapple: Super Backdrop
-Counter Grapple-
Front Counter: Throw
-Grapple to Apron-
Weak Grapple: Club to Chest
Strong Grapple: Suplex to Inside
Special Grapple: None
Counter Grapple: Suplex Reversal to Inside
-Grapple from Apron-
Grapple (Weak): Arm Breaker
Grapple (Strong): Guillotine
Grapple (Special): None
Counter Grapple: Suplex Reversal to Suplex Inside
-Double Team Grapple-
Front Grapple: Double Suplex
Back Grapple: Double Atomic Drop
Sandwich Grapple: Double Pile Driver
Counter Attack: Punching Reversal

Upper Body Facing Up: Face Stretch
Upper Body Facing Down: Mahistrol Cradle
Lower Body Facing Up: Knee Smash
Lower Body Facing Down: Knee Stomp
Sitting Up: Sleeper Hold
Sitting Down: Camel Clutch
-Ground Attacks-
Facing Up: Elbow Drop
Facing Down: Stomp
Running Facing Up: Running Elbow Drop
Running Facing Down: Running Stomp
Sitting Up: Hammer Blow
Sitting Down: Hammer Blow
Running Sitting Up: Running Elbow Drop
Running Sitting Down: Running Stomp

-Turnbuckle 1-
Standing Opponent: Double Axe Handle
Standing Opponent (Special): Front Dropkick
Standing Opponent to Outside: Double Axe Handle
-Turnbuckle 2-
Laying Opponent: Back Elbow Drop
Laying Opponent (Special): Low Speed Backflip Splash (F)
Laying Opponent to Outside: Double Stomp
-To Outside of the Ring-
Running Diving Attack to Outside Down-C + [A]: Baseball Slide
Running Diving Attack to Outside Down-C + D-Pad + [A]: Baseball Slide
Running Diving Taunt Control Stick: None
Flying Attack to Outside [A]: None
Flying Attack to Inside at Rope: None
Flying Attack to Inside at Turnbuckle: Jumping Leg Drop
Flying Attack from apron to Outside [A]: Dropping Elbow
Running Flying Attack from Apron to Outside Down-C + [A]: None
-Flying Body Attacks-
Flying Attack to Ring Standing Opponent: None
Flying Attack to Ring Laying Opponent: None
Flying Attack to Ring Standing Opponent (Special): None
-Rebound Flying Attacks-
Rebound Flying Attack [A]: None

Entry Way Taunt: The Blue Meanie
Walking Taunt: Mankind
In Ring Taunt: The Blue Meanie
Taunt Up: The Blue Meanie 01
Taunt Left: The Blue Meanie 01
Taunt Right: The Blue Meanie 02
Special Taunt: The Blue Meanie 03
Ducking Taunt: Taunt 11
Corner Taunt: Taunt 04
Turnbuckle Taunt: Taunt 01
Apron Taunt: Taunt 03
Celebration Taunt: The Blue Meanie 03
Evasion: Roll

III. Appearance/Fighting Style/Parameter

Name: The Blue Meanie
Short Name: Meanie
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 292 lbs.
Music: Meanie
Video: Meanie
Body Size: 7 (1st)
Ring Attire: 57 (Default)
Tattoo: 20
Upper Body: 14
Entrance Attire: 0
Weapons/Props: 0
Head: 3
Face: 39
Hair 1: 14 (6th) (Blue)
Hair 2: 0
Facial Hair: 28
Masks/Etc.: 20
Gloves: 0
Wristbands: 0
Elbow Pad L: 0
Elbow Pad R: 0
Knee Pad L: 12 (Default)
Knee Pad R: 12 (Default)
Feet: 0

Stance: Wrestling
Speed: Slow
Submission Skills: Expert
Recovery Rate: Slow
Reaction to Blood: Panic
Turnbuckle Climbing: Climbing
Weapon Use: Rare
Weight Class: Heavy
Counters/Reversals: Heavy
Ring Entry: Normal
Bleeding: Rarely
Endurance: Weak
Jumping Distance: Short
Specific Weapon: None

Head: 3
Body: 2
Arms: 2
Legs: 1
Flying: 4

Head: 2
Body: 2
Arms: 1
Legs: 1
Flying: 2

50%: None
30%: None
20%: None
Ally: None

IV. Credit and Copyright Information

This was an original work by Nomad Z 2000. Please 
do not use this on your website unless you ask me. 
If you ask me, and give full credit, and don't 
alter this document in any way, I will let you 
use it. If you want to use the format for your 
own Character Guides, please give proper 
credit. Thanks.

End of FAQ