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WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Tori Character FAQ

by Nomad Z 2000   Updated to v1.0 on
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 Character Guide for:

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Version 1.0
Date: 10/02/2001
Written By: Nomad Z 2000
System: Nintendo 64
E-Mail: joshuamccammon@hotmail.com

I. Tori's Bio

     Since emerging on to the scene in the World Wrestling 
Federation, fans have scene two sides of this spectacular 
athlete. Originally, Tori portrayed a timid fan with little 
self-confidence, she has since evolved into a more 
self-assuring, seductive woman.
     Now that fan are witnessing Tori's true personality, 
they are still seeing two sides of her. The seductive side, 
which she has shown off in revealing her body painting 
vignettes. And her physical side, which she brings to the 
ring each time she goes into competition.

II. Tori's Moves

-Weak Attacks-
B (Arm): Woman's Slap
B+D-pad (Arm): Chop
B (Leg): Front Kick 03
B+D-pad (Leg): Middle Kick 01
-Strong Attacks-
B: P.M.S. Left Slap
B+D-pad: P.M.S. Right Slap
A+B: Overhand Punch 01
-Running Attacks-
Down-C+[B]: Woman's Running Push Attack
Down-C+[A+B]: Woman's Running Push Attack
D-Pad + Down-C + [B]: Body Attack
D-pad + Down-C + [A+B]: Body Attack
-Turnbuckle Attacks-
B: Front Kick
D-Pad + B: Middle Kick
-Running Turnbuckle Attacks-
Down-C + B: Woman's Running Push Attack
Down-C + A + B: Body Attack
-Corner Counter-
Irish whip to Corner Counter: Sling Over Opponent
-Tree of Woe Attacks-
B: Front Kick
D-Pad + B: Middle Kick
Down-C + B: Running Shoulder Block
-Apron Attacks-
To Inside: Knee Strike
To Outside: Strong Kick
-Irish Whip Attack-
B: Short Kick
-Recovery Attack-
Ducking Attack: Low Blow
-Counter Attacks-
Counter Punch: Strong Attack [B+D-Pad]
Special Counter Punch: Front Special Grapple
Counter Kick [A]: Pushing Takedown Counter
Counter Kick [B]: Low Blow 01 Counter
Special Counter Kick: Special Back Grapple

-Weak Front Grapple-
A, A+L/R, A+Up, A+Down: Elbow Strike
B, B+L/R, B+Up, B+Down: Snap Suplex
-Strong Front Grapple-
A, A+L/R, A+Up, A+Down: Back Slide Pin
B, B+L/R, B+Up, B+Down: DDT
Special: Pulling Piledriver
Front Stolen Move (A+B): Pulling Piledriver
-Weak Rear Grapple-
A, A+D-pad, B, B+D-pad: Forearm Smash
-Strong Rear Grapple-
A, A+D-pad, B, B+D-pad: Sleeper Hold
Special: Back Rake
Back Stolen Move (A+B): Back Rake
-Counter Grapple-
Back Weak Grapple Counter: Counter Elbow Strike
Back Strong Grapple Counter: Counter Groin Kick
-Irish Whip Grapple-
Tap A (Weak): Shoulder Back Toss
Hold A (Weak): Shoulder Back Toss
Tap A (Strong): Powerslam
Hold A (Strong): Powerslam
Control Stick (Weak or Strong): None
-Front Turnbuckle Grapple-
Weak A/B: Eye Rake on Ropes
Strong A/B: Shoulder Thrusts
Control Stick: None
Stolen Turnbuckle Grapple: Eye Rake on Ropes
-Back Turnbuckle Grapple-
A/B (Weak): Forearm Smash
A/B (Strong): Super Backdrop
Control Stick: None
Stolen Back Turnbuckle Grapple: Super Backdrop
-Counter Grapple-
Front Counter: Throw
-Grapple to Apron-
Weak Grapple: Club to Chest
Strong Grapple: Suplex to Inside
Special Grapple: None
Counter Grapple: Suplex Reversal to Inside
-Grapple from Apron-
Grapple (Weak): Guillotine
Grapple (Strong): Sunset Flip Over Ropes
Grapple (Special): None
Counter Grapple: Suplex Reverse
-Double Team Grapple-
Front Grapple: Wishbone Split
Back Grapple: Double Atomic Drop
Sandwich Grapple: Double Piledriver
Counter Attack: Punching Reversal

Upper Body Facing Up: Mounted Punches
Upper Body Facing Down: Rear Naked Choke
Lower Body Facing Up: Figure-4 Leglock
Lower Body Facing Down: Knee Stomp
Sitting Up: Sleeper Hold
Sitting Down: Camel Clutch
-Ground Attacks-
Facing Up: Stomp
Facing Down: Stomp
Running Facing Up: Running Stomp
Running Facing Down: Running Stomp
Sitting Up: Hammer Blow
Sitting Down: Hammer Blow
Running Sitting Up: Running Stomp
Running Sitting Down: Running Stomp

-Turnbuckle 1-
Standing Opponent: Flying Body Press
Standing Opponent (Special): Flying Body Press
Standing Opponent to Outside: Flying Body Press
-Turnbuckle 2-
Laying Opponent: Double Stomp
Laying Opponent (Special): Double Stomp
Laying Opponent to Outside: Double Stomp
-To Outside of the Ring-
Running Diving Attack to Outside Down-C + [A]: Baseball Slide
Running Diving Attack to Outside Down-C + D-Pad + [A]: Baseball Slide
Running Diving Taunt Control Stick: None
Flying Attack to Outside [A]: Vaulting Body Press
Flying Attack to Inside at Rope: None
Flying Attack to Inside at Turnbuckle: None
Flying Attack from apron to Outside [A]: Dropping Elbow
Running Flying Attack from Apron to Outside Down-C + [A]: Dropkick
-Flying Body Attacks-
Flying Attack to Ring Standing Opponent: None
Flying Attack to Ring Laying Opponent: None
Flying Attack to Ring Standing Opponent (Special): None
-Rebound Flying Attacks-
Rebound Flying Attack [A]: None

Entry Way Taunt: Women
Walking Taunt: Women
In Ring Taunt: Women
Taunt Up: Women 01
Taunt Left: Women 03
Taunt Right: Women 02
Special Taunt: Taunt 121
Ducking Taunt: Taunt 10
Corner Taunt: Taunt 12
Turnbuckle Taunt: Taunt 08
Apron Taunt: Taunt 10
Celebration Taunt: Women 01
Evasion: Roll

III. Appearance/Fighting Style/Parameter

Name: Tori
Short Name: Tori
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Music: Tori
Video: Tori
Design 6

Stance: Wrestling
Speed: Normal
Submission Skills: Expert
Recovery Rate: Slow
Reaction to Blood: Normal
Turnbuckle Climbing: Climbing
Weapon Use: Rare
Weight Class: Light-Heavy
Counters/Reversals: Light-Heavy
Ring Entry: Women
Bleeding: Slow
Endurance: Weak
Jumping Distance: Shortest
Specific Weapon: None

Head: 1
Body: 2
Arms: 1
Legs: 1
Flying: 2

Head: 1
Body: 1
Arms: 1
Legs: 1
Flying: 1

50%: Ivory
30%: None
20%: None
Ally: None

IV. Credit and Copyright Information

This was an original work by Nomad Z 2000. Please 
do not use this on your website unless you ask me. 
If you ask me, and give full credit, and don't 
alter this document in any way, I will let you 
use it. If you want to use the format for your 
own Character Guides, please give proper 
credit. Thanks.

End of FAQ