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WWF Attitude

The good:

its a wrestling game and i like wrestling games thats the only reason its got a rating a high a 2.4.

The bad:

its to hard to perform simple moves, the graphics.


This is the worst wrestling game I have ever played and its lucky to get a 2.4 rating.
If you want my advice don't bother getting this game.

thanx for readin


JuSt 2 xTrEme ...


Drop the wrestling business

The good:

Better Create-A-Wrestler, Create-an-arena, better graphics.

The bad:

I didnt really like the gameplay in this game. iT was kinda confusing.


The create a wrestler definitely improves, I liked the create-an-arena, a wider selection of arenas, a wider selection of wrestlers.

The gameplay I didnt like though. There was a bit of a confusing ladder to get to the top. ...


Raynor Review


Graphics: 7/10
As the second game that WWF(Noe WWE) had relesed, I had huge expectaions and they all came through as expected. The graphics were superb and great for the era of N64.

Sound: 8/10
I still remember bashing people with charis and hearing the impact. *WAM* Down went HHH, *BAM* Down went The Rock.... Stone Cold stands victorious! Oh the memories!

Storyline: 5/10
Its pretty much like a normal wrestling game, you fight and fight and win a title! To love a wrestling game is to love wrestling. I do remember loving this game!

Characters: 6/10
Theres quite a large selection of wrestlers to cho...


WWF Attitude is the best Wrestling game ever!

The good:

-Steel Cage!

The bad:

-Some moves are too hard to actually perform in the ring.


I bought this game for 20 bucks 3-4 years ago and it was addictive! Taking your wrestler to the steel cage is the best feature in this game and Create-A-Wrestler is a great feature, especially the moves list. Overall this game definetly gives you more bang for your buck and the graphics aren't bad for a playstation game. If you own only a playstation and want to buy a wrestling game, make sure that is WWF Attitude and you won't be dissapointed!


Horrible WWF/WWE game!

The good:

Better Graphics, on 128-Bit System, More Create-A-Charecter, create-an-arena, create-a-PPV, no loading.

The bad:

Has Loading, The play facter, like the wrestling n stuff is horrible. The music entrances suck too.


If you are considering this game. Do not get it. It's horrible. The Storymode, the musical entrances, and the wrestling gameplay is horrible. All taken up by those custom feature makers.


DA BOMB.......

The good:

the story mode is good where you have a singles match then tag team,in the game there are 4 titles


alot of superstars to choose from ,very detailed
Caw and the commentry is cool

shane mcmahon and jerry the king lawler are actually
playable characters,it is better then smackdown1,warzone on psx and ties with Wwf smackdown 2 but acclaim done a great job with this being their last liecened wwf game now thq is doing all the rest

here is a list of all the wwf games on psx
wwf attitude
wwf warzone
wwf smackdown
wwf smackdown 2 know your role
wwf smackdown just bring it
wwe smackdown shut your mouth

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