WWF Attitude (N64) Cheats

WWF Attitude cheats, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more WWF Attitude cheat codes.


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Unlock Players
Win the WWF Title in Career or Challenge mode under NORMAL or HARD difficulty to get the following players:

Beat it with Al Snow to enable HEAD.
Beat it with Steve Austin to enable VINCE MCMAHON.
Beat it with Triple H to enable CHYNA.
Beat it with Chyna to enable TEST.
Beat it with a Female Created Player to enable SABLE.
Beat it with a Male Created Player to enable SHANE MCMAHON.
Beat it with Billy Gunn/X Pac/Road Dogg to enable SHAWN MICHEALS.
Beat it with HBK to enable SGT.SLAUGHTER.
Beat it with Undertaker/Kane to enable PAUL BEARER.
Beat it with Goldust to enable MARC MERO.
Beat it with Owen Hart/Jeff Jarrett to enable JERRY LAWLER.
Beat it with Jerry Lawler to enable Brian Christopher.