WWF Attitude (DC) Cheats

WWF Attitude cheats, and Codes for DC.

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WWF Attitude Cheats

Reveal moves
To learn the finshing moves or any other move for a wrestler, you have two options:

1) enter "Create Wrestler" mode and select his or her move set. Then, go to Edit to learn how their moves.
2) Pause the game when in the ring and go to movelist. The game will display all moves that can be done at that time, such as all the tie-up moves, etc. (some moves don't show up until the enemy bar is yellow or red).

Throw Opponent out of Ring
Stun your opponent, then press Left (x2), Block to lift your opponent. Now carry him to the ropes and press Kick to toss him out.

During a match, hold Kick + Tie-up and press Up, Left, Down, or Right.

Career Mode Bonuses

European Title - Unlocks Sable, Marc Mero, Trainer, squeaky mode, and new custom stuff in "Create Wrestler" mode. Squeaky mode makes wrestler voices sound squeaky and fast (hehe)

Intercontinental Title - Unlocks Jaqueline, Chyna, big head mode, and gives three additional attribute points in "Create Wrestler" mode.

WWF Heavyweight Title - Unlocks Head, beep mode, and ego mode. Ego mode makes the size of a wrestler's head increase when they gain momentum, and shrink when they lose momentum. When beep mode is unlocked a "Bleeped Out" option on the language menu under utilities will appear which bleeps out all foul language.

King of the Ring PPV - Unlocks Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku.

SummerSlam PPV - Unlocks Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels.

Royal Rumble PPV - Unlocks Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer.