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[edit] Background

It doesn't get any bigger than Wrestlemania! WWE Wrestlemania XIX will be a vast improvement upon WWE Wrestlemania X-8. Not only will it have an updated roster and additional arenas, but it will also sport an overhauled engine!

[edit] Gameplay

The legacy continues with WrestleMania XIX only for the Nintendo GameCube. All-new gamplay mechanics deliver a true in-ring grappling experience with deeper move sets and a more strategic reversal system. Choose among an updated list of top WWE Superstars each with realistic abilities including strength, speed and stamina. Become a legend and defy Vince as you battle your way through five stages and over 25 missions in an effort to destroy his Empire. Team up with Stephanie McMahon along the way as you enact 'Sweet Revenge' in your journey to win back your status in the WWE.

[edit] Features

  • Win back your status in the WWE; choose from WWE Superstars each with real-life abilities
  • Battle through 5 stages and 25 missions in an all-new, single-player story mode
  • Unique environments including a shopping mall, constructions site, and a shipping port
  • All-new countering mechanisms and expanded move sets including strong and weak grapples
  • Make your opponents submit; new animations sell the pain and showcase the damage

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hot man
Feb 07, 07 3:06am
Revenge mode is a pain in the butt, so much pain! WWEWrestleManiaXIX
Sep 19, 05 10:59pm
added 2 new screenshots
Drop To Zero
Jan 01, 05 1:03am

This is a decent game. But I'll tell you this, whenever I play this game I only play...

Aug 11, 04 12:30pm
good game WWEWrestleManiaXIX
Jul 05, 04 9:44pm

Edit your entrance to the ring. This feature is very cool becuase, you can select very...

Apr 03, 04 8:39pm

This game, despite minor graphical setbacks, is amazingly fun to play. You'll never...

Homestarmy battle
Mar 22, 04 6:16pm

Overall this game was a great thing. I alway play it with my friends. Also it's fun to...

Feb 02, 04 10:10am

Wrestlemania XIX was a thrill on television, and the video game is almost nothing...

Nov 28, 03 10:19am

Well wrestlemania sure is better than wmX8 and Raw 2, (They move so slow on...

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  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Yuke's
  • Genre: Boxing & Wrestling (GC)
Release Dates
  • North America: Sep 9, 2003
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