WWE WrestleMania 21 review
wow about time a game that is just as good as smackdown here comes the pain and no mercy

The good:

this game is the best wrestling game i played since hctp and no mercy the season was the best with fantastic storys and voice over although caw is limited it is still very good the gameplay reminds me of no mercy the matches r fantastic the royal is very hard just like in real life. and the graphics is so freakin awsome i couldnt believe it. dont listen to the revies rent it and i gurantee u will buy it

The bad:

nothing is bad besides the glitches but there is not that much if u buy the new ones and some glitches r funny as hell but anyways all games have glitches but it is not a big deal in this game it is still fun


reviews are garbage u should play it for ur self and u b the judge not only for this game but any other game that u want it is the best wrestling title i have played for a while and i had my doubts that xbox could provide a good wrestling game like the smackdown franchise for ps2 but wmxxi answered my prayers it is a wrestling game u could play for a while

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