WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain review
Yukes deliver the ultimate wrestling game!

The good:

- Blood
- Amazing season
- Grappling system improved
- Graphics are amazing
- New match types like First Blood, EC and B and P!
- Enhanced submission system
- Massive replayability
- weight detection
- the ever amazing CAW mode
- In match injuries
- Shopzone
- Last man Standing is insanely brilliant
- Interactive backstage areas
- Aerial moves like elbow drop finally connect!
- Crowd chants at last!
- Legends

The bad:

- Some crappy character models (HHH and Benoit are terrible)
- Just those little points that made SYM so great (ie way they carry belts, titantron climbing, etc)
- Loading times (I thought they were fixing this?)
- Legends have no entrance music or proper entrance


Well, one year. One year we've been waiting and hoping for what was expected to be the wrestling game to end all competition: and if it were not for a few minor flaws, it would've. I'll start with the good. Season has been torn apart, simplified, with over 200+ storylines, its hella long, and with so many things to unlock: you just won't wanna stop.

Matches are no longer a case of hit your finisher as quick as you can and win. Oh no, matches are more drawn out, with a max of about 5 minutes to win. Work on your opponent, get his body into max pain, bust him open with a tombstone, and then deliver the killer blow: only then will you win. No longer will we have rey Mysterio beating Lesnar to a bloody pulp (unless you're REALLY good), instead, you're gonna have to use your speed, against his strength.

The new submission system is...well, to be honest, a bit disappointing, as only a few submissions actually use it. Although on the ones that do, its extreme fun. Grab a mate, stick on ultimate submission and do Angle vs Benoit and prepare for the fight of your life.

If you feel like a hellraiser: go into a hardcore match, beat your opponent, bust him open, go into a helicopter, and perform a def-defing leap off the top...just make sure you land on top of the opponent! Or you'll be feeling the pain!

The new match types: Elimination Chamber is superb in mulitplayer, but can be a bit to samey in Single player. First Blood is brutal and sadistic: I love it! Bra and Panties is hard, but rewarding!

CAW mode is pretty much the same: it has a few new options. They've changed the menu for it, and made it more complicated for newbies, but veteran Smackdowners (like myself!) should be able to figure it out.

Well, now for the bad. Commentary and ring announcing are not sorely missed, but it was nice to have some sort of realistic feel.
Some character models are awful, such as HHH. Makes you wonder if they ever scanned him in at all. Loading times are longer than SYM ( I think so anyway) and CAW mode load is frutratingly long- at least Diva loading screens give some decent eye-candy, but even they cost some Smackdown dollars (season currency). Legends have no proper music, or proper entrance, which is a mighty shame.

Now, bad out of the way, this is the ultimate game. If you like wrestling, don't hesitate, if you don't like wrestling, give it at least a rent. HCTP is the best wrestling game ever, to take a wwe quote, "Believe the hype"

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