WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth Cheats

(1) - Climb the Smackdown! Arena's Fist

Climb the fist when fighting in the Smackdown! Arena and do a finisher off it. In my opinion "Five-Star-Frog-Splash" is the most effective move to attempt to try but any move like the "Swantom Bomb" or "The Money Shot" can be done also. To climb the fist you simply run to the left side of the titan-tron until your nearly falling off it. There's a crack in the exact spot in the titan-tron. Press Triangle + Up and you should climb up all the way to the top of the fist.

(2) - Opponents Finishing Move

Do your opponents finishing move! You must have two Smackdown! icons to do this. To do this all you have to do is press L1 + L2 at the same time. You have do this remembering what finisher your opponent has. For example if fighting against RVD get him down and go on the turnbuckle and press L1 + L2. But if fighting against Brock Lesnar get him groggy by using the Toe kick and pressing L1 + L2. I hope everyone understands.

(3) - Ultimate Smackdown! Finisher

Do your Ultimate Smackdown! finisher. You will need a steel chair or a weapon similar to this while attempting to do this move. A trashcan lid can also be used. Make sure you have at least one Smackdown! icon. Grab a steel chair or a weapon similar to it. Walk up to your opponent and press X + Down and you will smash the chair into their stomach. Press L2 and you will perform you Ultimate Smackdown! finisher. Different superstars have different Ultimate Smacdown! finishers. For example RVD performs the "Vandaminator" while HBK performs a DDT on to the chair.

(4) - Slobberknocker Tips

Slobber Knocker Tips. For anyone having trouble achieving the 100KO's in this mode here's some tips. Use a wrestler who has a finisher that can be done after hitting your opponent to the ground. Also it's recommended that your superstar has the move clothesline. In my opinion The Rock is the best superstar to be used because you can just run at your opponent and clothesline them then do "The People's Elbow" and most of the time it's a KO. If it's not a KO just pin them. You will always get the 1-2-3 after performing this finisher. Also, between when your last opponent exits and your new opponent enters do your taunts to build up your finisher. Lastly, remember to do the Slobberknocker with "No Time Limit" and if your really struggling you can go into the system data of the game found in options and change the game difficulty to Easy. I did it at Medium on my 3rd try. It's worth it to get your prize "The WWE Divas Video" in Theatr Mode.

(5) - Ride the Undertaker's Motorbike

If your in a match with The Undertaker sometimes he brings his motorbike out with him to the ring and parkes it outside the ring. If you walk up to it and press R1 you get on it. The controls for it are :-

O = Brake
X = Accelarate
Square = Turn Sharply
Triangle = Reverse

To get back off the motorbike just press R1 again.

(6) - Climb the King of the Ring Arena's Chair/Throne

You can climb up into the chair on the King of the Ring Arena. Just go to either the left or right pillar of the titantron and press Triangle + Up .