WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 review
My Views On WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2010

The good:

These are some of the good things that i like in WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2010:

1. I like the new matches that they have..

2. I like the new 1 button reversal system..

3. I like that a CAW can finally have a Road To Wrestlemania..

4. I like the New Creat a Dive Finisher..

5. I like how the new Royal Rumble System is..

6. I like the New 6 ablility list thing is..

7. I like all the new moves that they have..

8. I like how you can make the screen shake on certian moves..

9. I like all the new Grapple Systems that you got..

10. I like the new pin system..

The bad:

The thing that I don't like in WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2010 game:

1. I hate how some of the matches won't load sometimes..

2. I hate how easy it is to Knout Out a Superstar in a Back Stage Brawl Match. 3..

I hate how your Created Superstar can only get Five points for each level of development points..

4. I hate how the computer takes a long time to sometimes hit certian moves..

5. I hate how they took out the Parking Lot Brawl Match..

6. I hate how you can't Pin your opponent on top of the Cell in a Hell in a Cell Match..

7. I hate the new mix tag match..

8. I hate how the superstars don't talk in the Story Designer on the PS2..

9. I hate that they some of the music out in the entrances..

10. I hate that they have only like 20 tag team entrances to choose from and only 4 3 people entrances to choose from..

11. I don't like how they have a little bit of hairs to choose from for your Created Superstar..


My Comments:


Championship Scramble Match---I like how this match is setup...Works good to me..

Table Ladders and Chair(TLC)--They finally made this match correct..Finally,you can go for the belt instead of having to pin your opponent..

1 vs. 2 handicap match--I love the backstage brawls and first blood handicap matches..You can finally do more than normal damage on your opponent..

Backstage Brawl Matches--Ain't got much to say about these matches but I love them..

Other Comments:

I think the make too much noise..They don't have to scream or say ''OOO'', ''UGGH'', and ''AHHH'' after every little bit of damage that they endure..

You should be able to choose which objects moves that you want to do when you have your finisher or signature..Like if you throw your opponent on top of an announcer table..You should be able to do different moves; like a Swanton Bomb, or an Leg Drop, a Cross Body..and etc..

This is my SvR 2010 Review..I hope it is reliable to you. Thank You For Reading..

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Raw2010 Jun 11, 10
The review is awesome and very informative
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SaLBoYoNDeC Jun 11, 10
Thnx for the comment :-)
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