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My Views On WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2010

The good:

These are some of the good things that i like in WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2010:

1. I like the new matches that they have..

2. I like the new 1 button reversal system..

3. I like that a CAW can finally have a Road To Wrestlemania..

4. I like the New Creat a Dive Finisher..

5. I like how the new Royal Rumble System is..

6. I like the New 6 ablility list thing is..

7. I like all the new moves that they have..

8. I like how you can make the screen shake on certian moves..

9. I like all the new Grapple Systems that you got..

10. I like the new pin system..

The bad:

The thing that I don't like in WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2010 game:

1. I hate how some of the matches won't load sometimes..

2. I hate how easy it is to Knout Out a Superstar in a Back Stage Brawl Match. 3..

I hate how your Created Superstar can only get Five points for each level of development points..

4. I hate how the computer takes a long time to sometimes hit certian moves..

5. I hate how they took out the Parking Lot Brawl Match..

6. I hate how you can't Pin your opponent on top of the Cell in a Hell in a Cell Match..

7. I hate the new mix tag match..

8. I hate how the superstars don't talk in the Story Designer on the PS2..

9. I hate that they some of the music out in the entrances..

10. I hate that they have only like 20 tag team entrances to choose from and only 4 3 people entrances to choose from..

11. I don't like how they have a little bit of hairs to choose from for your Created Superstar..


My Comments:


Championship Scramble Match---I like how this match is setup...Works good to me..

Table Ladders and Chair(TLC)--They finally made this match correct..Finally,you can go for the belt instead of having to pin your opponent..

1 vs. 2 handicap match--I love the backstage brawls and first blood handicap matches..You can finally do more than normal damage on your opponent..

Backstage Brawl Matches--Ain't got much to say about these matches but I love them..

Other Comments:

I think the make too much noise..They don't have to scream or say ''OOO'', ''UGGH'', and ''AHHH'' after every...

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