WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 Tips

Easy win in 'Hell in a Cell'
If your match is, 'Hell in a Cell' and your having trouble winning then dont worry, just follow this and you'll win in no time!:

1) As soon as the match starts, get out of the cage and climb up the cage.
2) Once your opponent comes up the cage, press (R1 + right, on the right analouge stick) and the opponent should fall off the cage, delivering lots of dmg and momentum.
3) Once the oppenont falls off, jump on your opponent from the top of the cage. This also delivers lot of dmg to the opponent.
4) Next, go the the middle of the cage, and you should see this door. Once your opponent gets up and follows you to the top of the ring, press R1 + down (on the right analouge stick) and then face the little door on top of the cage and then press UP, DOWN (depends which superstar you are).
(To make it faster, just do your finsiher/signiture but make sure you face the door on top of the cage).
5) Do step 4, 2 times and then the door should open make your opponent fall as well as you and then quickly get up and pin the opponent.

(This guide has a 70% of winning).