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Fairly Disappointing

The good:

Not much

The bad:

The graphics
The commentary
The storylines
24/7 mode


Ok, so this game has been out for way over a year now, but I had to write this review. "What is good about this game?", I hear you ask. Well, quite frankly, there isn't loads to shout about - or at least, nothing that we haven't already seen in the series.

The Graphics:
This is a major feature of any game and is the first thing which is criticized from screenshots etc, and to be honest they're not all that bad. Or at least, they weren't in 2006 which was probably about the last time we saw any improvement in the series. I think we can, unfortunately, blame that on the PS2 version because it r...


WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Review


Well if you can, here is the final copy

As mostly everybody who's ever touched any sort of console such as the original Play Station or the Play Station 2, or even the infamous Xbox and Gamecube consoles knows about several classic games. However, because it's not exactly the most popular game series in the world, any sort of wrestling game usually is counted out, or in other words, an underdog of the patented video game world filled to it's golden brim with technology. But a few curiously boring years ago, a franchise of World Wrestling Entertainment, World Wrestling Federation, and just ge...


Frick's Review of "SvR 2008"

The good:

- The new GM mode is pretty neat. I really like the fact that I can work on my superstar's overall while playing GM on my off days.

- The new Hall of Fame mode gives you new accomplishments and makes it more fun.

- The new gameplay has a realistic feel to it with the new superstar fighting styles.

The bad:

- Glitchiest wrestling game I've ever played.

- The new gameplay is interesting, but very limited for certain superstars.

- The new attribute system is ridiculous. It shouldn't take me this long to build up a character on my friend's profile just so I can play him in a match.

- Combining GM mode with Season mode is about the stupidest thing they could've done. You can only have one going at one time.

- ECW in GM mode has only one championship.

- Create a wrestler is more limited than 2007. Not enough options for clothing.

- Did I mention the glitches?

- The season mode has about 6 videos total, all of wich you will watch over 50 times before starting over.

- I know its not that big of deal but, come on! Where's my 5-man Batle Royal?


I must say that this game dissapoints. I mean the gameplay is new and interesting, but annoying in certain areas. I think they were going for a more realistic feel, and making the gameplay all around easier. But there are just too many restrictions now. I mean the whole new attribute system is stupid. It is pretty cool that it goes by percentiles, but its just anoying trying to get your superstar to a good level. If you don't cheat the system, its long as shit to get your superstar up to a reasonable level.

But the thing that gets me the most is the 24/7 mode. Why can't you have more than on...


How will you play?

The good:

  • Graphics, the graphics are pretty solid and moves and animations run fluently.
  • Roster, play as your favourite extremist from ECW including but not limited to CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer.
  • Replay value, there is always plenty to do, earn a place in the WWE Hall Of fame, take control of your favourite brand, complete challenges and unlock legends, you won't be bored for quite some time.
  • Extreme! Light a table of fire and send your most hated wrestler crashing through it, bust someone wide open with a steel chair, or go to town with a Kendo stick.
  • Animation, the title belts look smaller and more sleek looking, and clothes and hair no longer merge.

    The bad:

  • Cut scenes in season mode (24/7), some cut scenes don't make sense, I get a message from Shane McMahon asking me to team up with him to face his dad Vince, and then before my next match, I bump into him in the hall way and completely disrespect him. The same applies for shaking hands with my opponent before a match in the hall way, some of the cut scenes are just all over the place.
  • Lacking roster, the roster is reasonably up-to-date but some of our favourites are missing, no London and Kendrick, no Eddie Guerrero, no Deuce and Domino, no Highlanders, all this results in a very lackluster tag team division with only the Hardy's, DX and Cryme Time left as legitimate tag teams.
  • Few updates from last year, only Extreme rules match is new to the series.
  • Lack of attires, only HHH, HBK and Vince have alternate attires.
  • Commentary, the inclusion of Tazz and Joey Styles as ECW commentators doesn't make up for very disappointing commentary, the same lines as last year are used, which means the same errors and the same rambling. Fix it next year please Yukes.


    Smackdown! Vs Raw 2008 crashes back onto the small screen again this year, now featuring ECW. But that's all that's different about this franchise and last years version, ECW. It plays just like 07, only with revamped controls, and 24/7 mode, which combines last years season mode and GM mode. Not a lot has changed, which is a big, big shame. The commentary is exactly the same as last year, same lines, same bugs, same rambling. There are no new matches, unless you count the Extreme rules match, and matches that survived from last year that return this year haven't undergone any sort of chang...

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