WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 review
SmackDown! vs. RAW - Fan-friggin'-tastic!

The good:

Personally I thought the new control system was really an improvement, at first I thought it would be something really stupid and complicated, however after a couple of matches I really good the hang of this system and I don't really understand why so many people don't like it.

The new hot spots are really good, however there are some jumpy glitches in them when camera cuts are turned off on the game.

The ultimate control moves, the option of being able to as many moves in a row in the same grapple within reason is really good, seems more real than the one hit before knocking the opponant over. With this you can also counter when you get hit during these moves.

This system is really fantastic!

Stamina's still good, it has a huge effect on ultimate control moves, even with stamina off you still have a limit to how long you can do these moves.

Money In The Bank: This match is always fun! It's 6 guys kicking the holy hell out of eachother for a suitcase, the system with the suitcase and belt is so much better this year as you have to use the anolog controls to get a good spot on the item for it to come down easier. The ladders do fall over a bit too much though I think.

The bad:

The ammount of glitches on this game is unbelieveable, I do feel like the game wasn't really worked on this time for glitches.

J.R on commentary, in real life JR says the wrong thing every now and then on commentary but in this game he says nearly every move as the wrong thing, he talks about people not even in the matches doing moves. Yet when those people are in matches doing those moves, he calls those moves by different names.

Season mode, it's good but it's too repetive, I did RAW season mode and half way through you get traded, yet after season mode you talk to the GM and get traded back to do the same year of season again. The storylines themselves aren't at all realistic and most of them involve wrestlers who are either never used or aren't in WWE anymore.


I think the game is good overall, but it does still need a lot of things doing to it for it to be perfect, however the WWE games will never be perfect as they're always out of date before the release.

4/5 rating!

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