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Smackdown v Raw, successful this year

The good:

'¢ The Graphics are pretty good and the wrestlers look fairly realistic.
'¢ The new grappling system allows more moves to be used.
'¢ The Environmental hot spots make the game a bit more realistic.
'¢ GM Mode is pretty fun and has good replay value.
'¢ There are some good match types like Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber.
'¢ Multi-player with a friend is fun.

The bad:

'¢ Loading is very slow.
'¢ Season Mode is a repetitive and if you use different super stars then you will likely have to go through some of the same storylines.
'¢ The commentary has many faults.
'¢ There are many glitches as usual.
'¢ Not the best roster.


WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 is another game in the Smackdown v Raw series which has been popular for years. This year there were quite a few changes, some good and some bad.


The gameplay is similar to that of all the previous games, but with a few extras. You play as a WWE Superstar and verse up to 5 other superstars at once, with a minimum of 1 opponent at once. You control every move, punches, grapples, counters and your finishing maneuver. You can go top rope or Irish Whip your opponent, basically you can do all the normal stuff you see in the WWE whilst watching tv at home. Ever...



The good:

- Good graphics
- Layout

The bad:

- CAW sucks
- Music sucks
- Season sucks
- Roster sucks
- GM Mode sucks
- PPV Mode sucks
- Commentary sucks
- Loading time sucks
- Yeah, this game sucks


This game sucks. I don't know how people still think SvR is the best there is. I guess people can be pleased with good graphics.

First of all, let me just compliment the graphics...they're really, really good. I give props to that.

Let's run down my "sucks" list, now.

CAW sucks. I usually love CAW, it's the first thing I normally do before actually playing a match when I first get a wrestling game. There's hardly any variety, though. It's not much better than last year's...hell, I think it's even WORSE than last year's! There's way too many silly costumes, hairstyles, accessories and logos pro...


Improvement from '06 but not by much

The good:

An improved General Manager mode toping the previous one. Now you can start a rivalry without having to set them up in a match and you get to choose from a good amount of storylines from hired writers.

Improved grapple system which makes the game much more fun to play and also gives you many more grappling options for extra throws.

The match types were upgraded very well also. Yes, there are fewer than in Smackdown vs Raw 2006 but in this installment many of the matches that remained were upgrades with extra options. Such as any match with a table; if you have a finisher and your opponent is groggy on the table use up you finisher for an exciting table finisher. For example say you are Kane. You opponent is groggy on the table and you have your finisher. Instead of just chokeslamming your oppoent onto the mat do it on the table for an extra hardcore finish.

Season mode had about 30 stories and made the game last very long. Each one was unique, and once you beat the whole year (after Wrestlmania) sometimes the GM makes a descision to trade you over to the other show. Don't worry though, if you were champion you would either automatically be given the championship or become the No. 1 contender for it.

The bad:

As in the title, not many improvements were made, the referee for some reason still allows low blows even if the match is not say hardcore, tables, etc. The referee sometimes still gets in your way will messing with your opponent and you might accidentaly grab him and get disqualified.

Tag Team matches were no better either, every time you go for your opponent in a pin or a submission his partner(s) still gets in to break it up even if the partner is not in danger of being pinned/submitting.

Weapons were still pretty much the same and while you are in a hardcore match of some sort where tables or ladders aren't provided you still can't use them.


The Smackdown vs Raw series is one of the best wrestling series out there. Simply because 1) it's about the only one out there so far and 2)because of the roster included. While there were a few excluded that were worthwhile in this one but the rest of them make up up for it. The legends roster is also great, including many of the best such as the Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and many others. Sadly the WWE Tag Team champions at the time (London & Kendrick) were not included which was a huge letdown for me but the rest of the good roster was included.

No real story was included into the game ...


SOS! Same Old Shit!

The good:

  • One of the most interactive WWE experiences in recent memories...anything truly is possible in this game. It's just how you do it can be kind of disapponting...
  • As always, characters are impressively desgined, and move even more realistic than before, even better than SvR06 which I had thought was the pinnacle. You sometimes WILL be confused, especially during newcomers MNM and Mr. Kennedy's entrances, as if they are actually live on television (RAW or Smackdown)
  • The soundtrack, still gets annoying but good tracks, especailly from bands such as Three Days Grace. Music, however, is not featured DUING match-ups.
  • Season Mode kept its appeal from last year. Some storylines are kind of shitty, but what can you do? Still great voicework.
  • Ladder match overhaul is great, no longer can you win a match with a good steel cahir shot and ten seconds of time.
  • Challenge Mode was much better organized than last year, having it in a completely separate area makes it easier to complete them as well.

    The bad:

  • Controls, controls. They, for the first time ever in this series, abosolutely SUCKED! Supposedly it was a move to reconfigure and make everything more precise, but I had much trouble getting used to them, so I simply restored it to the older version, type D.
  • GM Mode still sucked.
  • No replay value. I didn't even finish Season twice, that's how bored I happened to be with this particular installment. The problem here is a personal one, maybe having four games on one system is a bit too much...
  • Soundtrack got repetitive, especially with the worse songs...
  • CAW is still heavily flawed. My guy, he didn't even come out with a title he had won, I was so horribly disappointed. They need to stop treating CAWS like shit and try to integrate them into the game just like ACTUAL superstars.


    Everything is still there, all the great match types, with the addition of Money in the Bank, which easily is one of the most difficult matches I've ever encountered - but is still very much fun and an easy way to spend a few lazy hours out of your day....

    Season has great albeit unusual storylines and the voiceovers/cutscenes are as great as ever. Lovely work done here, folks, but again, noly useful for only one year. By this point, surely you would have unlocked it all, WWE and World titles for defense in exhibition and shit so really, you won't be doing much of this.

    Create a Wrestler is a...

  • 8.0

    The Evolution Of WWE Smackdown Vs Raw Games

    The good:

    This is the first time that WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 has made it to the next generation console and with this it brings along a series of good points.

    Here are some of the good points:

    - A whole new analog system which to me brings a lot more sense of realism and control as well as being different to its younger versions as it brings difference to this game.

    - New ultimate control moves which allow the player to execute moves which can be controlled by them, allowing you to let go and hold the move for as long as your stamina can last.

    - New hotspots which allow you to inflict damage to your opponents wherever you go around the ring, you simply drag your opponents to the hotspots and then you have full control of releasing your keys to manoeuvre the impact you do and amount of damage, bringing more control.

    - Many new superstars included which have been added to the roster to give the game a lot of difference some of these new wrestlers include The Great Khali, Umaga, Mr Kennedy, Bobby Lashley just to name a few of a big roster.

    - A new enhanced GM Mode which now allows more depth in order to enhance your roster which include the new storylines which can be introduced to enhance storylines between wrestlers.
    Along with this the GM Mode has included the P25 which enables you to see the top 25 superstars from both rosters and the best 15 from each roster to enable you to see who are your top contenders.

    - An improved season mode with a lot more storylines lines then previous WWE Smackdown Vs Raw games which makes this mode last a lot longer and allows you to take your superstar through every obstacle in their path.

    - New challenges which increase this games life span allowing you to participate in the matches which the computer has provided and eventually unlocking different objects which give the gamer a sense of satisfaction and something to aim for.

    The bad:

    Although this game may have good points it still is in need of improving.

    Here are some of the bad points:

    - The WWE roster has already become outdated with wrestlers like the Big Show and Kurt Angle who have already parted with the company.
    Moreover there has been the exclusion of the ECW brand with there only being the inclusion of the ECW arena, the ECW brand could have contributed a lot to the game.

    - Commentating has stayed pretty much the same with it being quickly outdated and saturated by the time you get into the game and you will find that their voices may cut off and may not be relevant to what you are doing.

    - Create a wrestler has not had many changes and so still leaves you to make creation much similar to previous WWE Smackdown Vs Raw games.

    - The game still consists of glitches which contribute it to look less professional and you will find that the computer while wrestling will still act in unintelligent ways.

    - Although the season mode has been greatly improved it still lacks the complexity that all WWE fans would like with the mode becoming more repetitive especially when you take a series of wrestlers through the mode.

    - Apart from Money In The Bank no real modes have been added to the game to make the game any
    different which means there is a loss in a lack of change in order to lengthen the games life span.


    This game brings a sense of realism through it's new grapple system which will make the game come more to life to the player who is controlling his/ her wrestler.
    It's new supply of wrestlers on it's roster bring a new and fresh feel to the game with it allowing you to take control of new and different superstars.
    WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 Shines As A Great Wrestling Game Which Allows Users To Have An Improved Realism And Really Make Them Feel Like They Are Really There In The Game.
    It' new and improved GM mode allows gamers to find that their has been a lot more depth put into the mode which ...


    My Review

    The good:

    Well, this game certainly has many great new features, I enjoy the new MITB, which allows you to have 6 men in a ladder match going for the title belt, first one to grab and pull it down, wins, just like in real life.

    Also this year, GM mode is enhanced, now allowing Bikini contests for the Diva's and even Interviews !

    Also, we have an updated roster, new superstars such as Johnny Nitro and Matt Hardy or Paul Birchell make the game all the more fun to play.

    Another great feature this year is Ultimate control, this lets you do many more moves, like make A suplex hold up for as long as your stamina is good, one of the best Ultimate Control moves is chokeslam, you could hold a chokeslam up for more than 10 seconds !

    Depending on your stamina though.

    The bad:

    Even though this game has so many neat things in it, it still isn't the Ultimate game lol.

    One of the worst things is that many moves have been renamed in CAW Moves mode, where you pick your moves, which makes it harder to find which one you need, such as Eugene Elbow has been renamed Nephew Elbow.

    Also, in CAW mode, many essential body parts used when making CAWS for wrestlers like Jeff Hardy or Chris Jericho have been removed, making CAW's look Bull**** when finished.

    Also, In GM mode, for the Bikini and Interview promos, you can't view them, which makes them much less entertaining.

    Also, in MITB, whether this was intended or not, it is physically almost impossible to win, (can take up to 30 minutes in average)

    Possibly the worst thing is all the glitches, example, do a Pedigree and the commentators may say "Oh My God, Angle Slam !"


    So overall, I'd give this game a clean 3.5, worth waiting for, but I wanted it bad, some glitches occur to, so keep your eyes out.

    If you are a huge fan of the series then you might want to buy it now.

    If not then you should probably wait.

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