WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Tips

Easy GM of the Year Award on 1 Player
To easily complete a General Manager mode and win the GM of the Year Award there is no need to go on two players. If you want to complete it the honest way then simply take your two highest rated superstars and fill the card with Last Man Standing Matches every single week. The results should be great for all of the matches and the other show will lose fans.

Your superstars however will become injured and this is inevitable, so when he is injured just switch him for the next highest superstar and repeat the process. Because they are in high rated matches the popularity of the superstar will also go up so the opposing brand will still lose fans.

Now as this happens some of your "less used" superstars will complain. So simply replace the first match in your section of last man standing matches for a match which will make the unhappy superstars happy again. For example if 5 stars are complaining about not being used then set up a 5 Man Battle Royal featuring all of them. If any are complaining about a title shot then add any available champ into the mix with his title on the line.

Also for the Promo spots do some advertising which will give you money so you can end up with more money every week.

You will win over every fan this way and easily get GM of the Year Award without needing to plug in a second controller.

Good Luck