WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Tips

Glitch - Lock opponent out of the cell
This glitch can be tricky to pull off on purpose, I've only ever done it twice, but if you can pull it off it's an awesome glitch.

Firstly, set up a Hell in a Cell match, then knock your opponent to the gap inbetween the ring and the cell, while they are right next to the cell wall, sometimes laying on the gorund, and sometimes just after you have grappled them, press () + Down and if the glitch works they'll now be on the outside of the cell. If you haven't unlocked the door yet, it's impossible for them to get back in because you can't break the door open from the outside.

Now's the time to sit in the middle of the ring and laugh out loud at the guy stuck on the outside. Now taunt until you have a stored finisher and full momentum, then open the door and hit him with your finisher.

This can also happen when you're outside the cell, and close to the wall, but having your opponent drift through the cell wall isn't as cool because they can just come back out via the door.