WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Tips

Draining Opponents Staminina + Easy Win
In order to drain your opponents stamina, and set yourself up for an easy win if you have Ring Out ON, leave the ring, and stand near the bottom of the entrance ramp. Perform one submission, then lift your opponent up and power irish whip them up the entrance ramp, they'll run all the way up to the top, and by the time they get there they'll have no stamina left.

If you are playing in a singles match, roll back in to the ring for an easy win, but if it's a hardcore match, follow your opponent up the ramp, then work them over. They'll show little resistance because of their lack of stamina. This can also be used to buy time in ladder matches and give yourself time to get the belt. In tag match, power irish whip your opponent up the ramp, then double team the guy left in the ring.