WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Tips

Unlockable XP Through The Nose
Clear the RAW and Smackdown story modes in Season Mode (this will require two different WWE Superstars, like Eddie Guerrero and John Cena). Upon the clearing of the second season, you'll receive a message to confirm that you completed it. The points can even be used for create a characters that you made already.

CAW Farming
(If you don't want to wait like above.^)

Create a CAW that is a super heavyweight and get his attributes as high as you can (playing season mode once should do it). Then go to the CAW menu and copy him. Go into the copied CAW's profile and change his weight to DIVA weight and continue to exit.

Exit the CAW by going to continue but don't save. All the experience points from the copied CAW will be remove from that CAW and placed back in your experience pool. This will give you a ton of experience points and can be done over and over.