WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 Tips

Secret Finishers
How to do Casket Finishers
To do a casket finisher store one finisher and get your momentum full so the bar is flashing, when it is irish whip your opponent into the casket and press L1...this will do a casket finisher and end the match without having to close the casket lid

Parking Lot Brawl - Limo Finisher
To use a special Parking Lot Brawl Finisher, first get a stored special. Then build your momentum meter up again and grapple your opponent near the rear door of JBL's limo. Now perform a grapple strike to have your opponent by the hair and move toward the rear door of the limo. Now press the grapple button again with no direction to throw your opponent into the limo and start a little cutscene/pre-programmed action. Your character will go to the blue Pickup Truck, enter it, start the truck up and drive it into the Limo causing an explosion and the instant KO.