WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW review
Carlito Says: "This Game is NOT Cool"

The good:

  • Beatiful Graphics. Everything Flows like clockwork, and in so much detail.
  • Better entrances, all music updated, save for a hiccup here and there.
  • Better Legends. Nice to see the Hitman back, along with the REAL Roddy Piper among mentions.

    The bad:

  • ....Gameplay is pretty much identical to HCTP. Only improvements are a shoving match and spanking meter. Wow.
  • Roster sucks. A LOT of commendable superastars were left out of the game, for reasons unknown.
  • Only one new match type? Parking Lot Brawl? Come on, THQ/Yukes can do better than that -_-
  • Season gets repetitive, even more than HCTP!
  • Cruiserweight, Women's, and BOTH Tag Team titles are left out. What in the blue hell is wrong with Yukes...those 4 titles make up half of the total amount of belts on TV.
  • Online bites. You can only do singles 1 on 1, when the fans thought they would get Armeggedon Hell in a Cell Matches, Ladder/TLC, Cage, Etc.


    For all of you who read that I would never buy this game...I am reviewing on simply what I have heard from the forum and different reviews.
    Ok, I am a pretty big fan of the Smackdown Series, having followed from Smackdown 2. I hoped to God there would never be another JBI, because it took a lot of guts to buy Smackdown 4, which went leaps and bounds over 3. 5 was the pinnacle, with the best game yet, it kept me busy for more than a year, but somehow, I KNEW it had to end. Smackdown 6 is a step foward, but a serious slide down the mountain afterward. I am not saying it's totally bad, it does have some redeeming qualities, such as the presentaion, I was impressed by the menus, and the graphics are leaps and bounds over HCTP. The legends are way cooler, only the best WWE's rich and colorful history has to offer. But that's where the buck stops. Gameplay is identical, so you'll have a sense of deja-vu as you play. You'll get bored of Season VERY quickly, maybe as soon as the first one is over you get repeating storylines. The challenges are just stupid chores they ask you to do for some attires.

    The audio is the same, save the music for pretty much every superstar. That was one of the positive aspects as well. The moves are varied, though some have yet to be reanimated, unfortunately. The roster also isn't that great as well, big names are missing such as Carlito Carribean Cool, Eugene, etc.

    I finish with saying that this is a solid game, it's that I would not by any means spend more than 20 dollars on this game. If you can, stay away until the price goes down.

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