WWE Day of Reckoning 2 review
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 Review

The good:

Legends - Although there are only five, this is the best legends roster for Gamecube. Hogan and Austin, two of the biggest names in WWE history, make their legend debuts. Also included are Bret Hart, The Rock, and Mankind.

Theme Songs/TitanTrons - THQ and Yukes managed to get almost everyone's current theme song (up to the cut off date). Stacy Kiebler still doesn't have her 'Legs' music however. Also, the legends finally have their TitanTrons, instead of DOR's pathetic flashing WWE logo.

Story Mode - With many twists and turns in this longer version of story mode, it makes play more exciting. You also get to make more than one choice this time around.

Graphics - By adding 25% more polygons, the wrestlers look more real than they have ever been. You can even see their teeth. Although not important, it does add to the overall presence. Also, the wrestler's attire no longer looks stuck on or plastic.

Roster - Making their video game debuts are Carlito, Muhammed Hassan, Snitsky, Heidenreich, Orlando Jordan, Kenzo Suzuki, Christy Hemme, Paul London, and Chirs Masters. Although out of date now, before the cut off date, this was the best roster.

Blood - The blood finally drips on the mat and stains for a few seconds. As well, blood gets darker as you continue your beating because of the new three levels of blood.

Submission System - Instead of giving your opponent no chance of reversal, the new submission system can help them. You have four choices: Taunt (lower your opponent's spirit meter), Submit (make your opponent tap out), Drain (drains your opponent's stamina meter), and Rest Hold (regains your stamina). You choose one of these and so does your opponent. If you choose the same one as your opponent, then they reverse the hold. If your opponent chooses something different from you, then the hold stays locked on.

Stamina Meter - At first, I completely rejected this idea, as it made everything feel slow. As I played more, I realized that it makes gameplay more realistic, and gives your opponent a break from your constant beating.

The bad:

Weapons - No new weapons. Not even one.

Match Types - Only one new match type? Why did THQ and Yukes still not include the Battle Royal that was in Wrestlemania X8?

Arenas - There is nothing interactive about the arenas except for the announce tables. Also, they still have the Smackdown ramp.


With each wrestling title for Gamecube, THQ and Yukes have improved the new title leaps and bounds from the old one. There wasn't such an obvious leap from DOR to DOR2, but once you play more and more you will realize that these changes benefit the game.

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