WWE Crush Hour review
+ Good choice of characters

The good:

+ Good choice of characters

The bad:

- Loses its enjoyability after while


WWE Crush Hour is a game that has all your favourite wrestlers put into cars. You go around smashing eachover up untill there is one man left.

When i heard this game was about wwe superstars in cars i thought WTF this is stupid. Well after reading pro reviews and info about the game i decided it loooked all right so i brought it. For the first month i found it really cool and i was playing it alot but soon it did start to bore me.

Good featuers are that there is a big choice of playable charcaters also some that you can unlock which helps to keep the players interest in the game. Another feature is having team up games where 2 people team up and take on 2 other people which i quite liked.

But the game does get boring after a while. The wwe smackdown games have ben a huge success but WWE Crush Hour is abit below that standered and really not that a good game. Fun for a while but then you relise it isnt fun your just playing it cos its got wwe in it.

There are some nice game modes and arenas to play in with some fun gaps and fun ledges to jump aswell as some of the arenas being quite large and takes a while to get used to.


Well Crush Hour isnt rubbish but it certainly isnt brilliant and not really worth your money if your loooking for a game that will keep you entertained for ever.


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