[edit] Background

WWE 2K14 is a professional wresting simulation game based on and officially licensed by the WWE. There are various gameplay modes including a story mode which is focused on historical stories of famous wrestlers. This is the third game to be added to the WWE series and is part of a series with annual releases.

It was developed by Yukes & Visual Concepts (previously THQ) and was published by 2K Sports in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

[edit] Game Play

Fighting in the game is a combination of basic and special moves; special moves are done by pressing the correct combination of buttons. Players can do combos made up of basic and special attacks; there are various types of matches which may add environmental weapons to the ring which players can use to attack with. The fight is over once one fighter has run out of health, once they tap out or if they leave the ring in certain modes.

The game has several game modes for players to play, the 30 Years of WrestleMania Mode is the new single player campaign. It recreates almost 30 years of WWE history and includes more than 45 matches for players to win; there are also many famous wrestlers featured in this mode and classic footage of WWE matches can also be viewed. The aim of this mode is to complete the primary objectives for each match and there are also bonus objectives which can be completed. Some of the areas in this mode do not allow the player to freely control the player, some parts require the player to input certain sequences instead.

Streak Mode is based on The Undertaker's former WrestleMania winning streak of 21-0; the player is able to play as The Undertaker to defend it against various other wrestlers or they can choose to try and break it. In this mode The Undertaker is extremely strong against the player.

The popular sandbox mode was overhauled and WWE Universe continued to allow player to customize their own WWE experience. Players could create their own shows, bring back older series and it also added the ability to have pay-per-view events which are highly customizable. This mode puts the player into the role of manager as they manage and design their own WWE.

Players are able to create their own character in the Create a Character Mode; there are a variety of pre-set options to choose from and the player can save their fighter to use in the game.

Multiplayer for this game is local based, the online servers were taken offline in 2015. Players were able to play matches online and share community creations which other players could download. With local multiplayer, players can play in a wide variety of match types and can adjust the settings to their choosing.

[edit] What's New

It features improved gameplay over the previous game with modifications made to striking, the reversal system, catapult finishers and nearfalls to improve them.. The game also features a a new navigation system to improve upon the previous game.

[edit] Features

Relive the past – Fight through over 45 historical matches in the 30 years of WrestleMania Mode

Remain undefeated or defeat the champion – Players can take on the role as the undefeated The Undertaker to protect him win streak or try to break it

Manage the WWE – Design and manage shows in the WWE Universe sandbox mode

Create a character – Players can design their own character to add themselves or their friends to the game

Multiplayer – Fight with and against friends with the local multiplayer in various match types

[edit] Players Liked:

  • Good Graphics
  • Huge roster
  • Good match type variety

[edit] Players Didn't Like:

  • Character creation is too basic
  • No custom entrance videos
  • Not enough backstory in 30 Years of WrestleMania Mode

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