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It's the same old song and dance in '12...

The good:

Create mode (to some extent)
Harder difficulty
Better flow for matches

The bad:

Road to Wrestlemania
THQ Servers (couldn't even connect most times)
Voice acting
Same stuff from previous games in most areas...


I had high expectations of this game from the previews that were around before the release but in the end I still ended up a little disappointed like I have been with the last few WWE games.

The graphics are improved with a more glossy layer on top of everything was the first thing I noticed, more better colours, though some of the superstars can look a little too orange at times, I was quite taken by this at first that I was for once getting my ass handed to me by the AI - "That's a first time in years" I said in surprise, realizing that the balancing is more like how you see WWE on the TV ...


WWE Love It? Not quite, but getting there

The good:

- Creation mode the most in-depth of any franchise
- Predator technology works well
- Reversals have been adjusted to a more sensible level
- Presentation is flawless
- Graphics are marginally improved
- The ability to store finishers is a very welcome addition

The bad:

- Online is a disaster
- AI is still completely stupid
- RTW is very weak
- Havok Physics and weaponry in general is badly utilised
- Breaking Point submissions a pointless and unwelcome change
- Auto-targeting remains awful


Before beginning this review, it would be prudent to offer a quick history lesson.

The Smackdown franchise was once a stable and respected part of the yearly videogame calendar, earning critical plaudits and fan accollades. Generally speaking, the series was believed to have reached it's zenith with the 2003 release of Here Comes The Pain. After that, a failure to properly take advantage of next-gen technology, coupled with an increasing number of seemingly pointless gameplay alterations, led to the franchise becoming marked as one for 'fans only'. Smackdown became dull, lifeless and needles...

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