Wreckless: Yakuza Mission review
Wreckless - wreckless design

The good:

Amazing Graphics, Amazing Gameplay, Amazing Crashes, Sweet Effects

The bad:

Short game, No Extra Features, Wish I had rented. P


Wreckless - The Yakuza Missions. What can I say? IT ROCKED!! (when I got it last night)

FYI - I just bought this game last night at 6ish. After exactly 4hrs and 37min i have finished the game, opening all cars, and I find myself wondering what I should do next with my $80CAD game...

Should I sell it, should I use it to prop up my other, more consistently enjoyable, Xbox games like Halo, Project Gotham, or NHL Hitz 2K2?

Because really, what good is a game that has no staying power? No continuous enjoyment, of either beating up your friends in multiplayer, or perhaps simply flying around the levels (time limit free) to practice flying off of jumps and causing the biggest crashes you can...

This game is the Shiznit in every department, but it's lack of gametype features, is incredibly disappointing for this otherwise amazing game.

Adding the following features would have made this game the #1 Xbox game in my eyes:

1. Multiplayer
2. More Scenarios (levels, missions, etc.)
3. Free Roam Ability
4. Possibly add weapons to all vehicles? Weapon pickups?

This game gets the following ratings:
Gameplay - 5/5
Controls - 4.5/5
In Game Graphics - 5/5
Cut-Scene Graphics - 3/5
Game Features - 2/5
Buyability (should you) - 3/5
Overall - 2.7/5

Just to make sure you all get my point, this game is amazing to play, but you may be better off renting, as it won't be fun for long.

L8r d00dz,

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