Wrath Unleashed (PS2) Cheats

Wrath Unleashed cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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All Gods
Win all story modes to get all gods. Have fun kids!
Unlock Elephant pool arena
To unlock the Elephant pool arena win 20 team battles.
Unlock Metal Age arena
To unlock the Metal Age arena win 100 arena battles.


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Double Health and Speed
To unlock Double Health and Speed enter this code at the main menu - DOWN(x2) UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT DOWN UP(x4) RIGHT LEFT SQUARE
Large War Game Characters
To unlock the Large War Game Characters enter this at the main menu - LEFT, SQUARE, UP, CIRCLE, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, DOWN, TRIANGLE
New vs and team character variations
To unlock New vs and team character variations enter this code on the character select screen - L1(x2) DOWN(x2) R2 SELECT R2 SELECT R1 L1 R2 R1(x2) SELECT