Worms World Party review
The key is in the name

The good:

-Superb, unrivalled humour
-Excellent customisation options
-A wealth of game modes, thanks to Worm Pot and some inventive online player
-Online Play

The bad:

-Poor single-player missions
-Frustrating offline gameplay


Definetely one of the best and most fun experiences you can have online, Worms World party remains the pinnacle of the series, surpassing the previous 2D efforts, and cramming in enough modes and gameplay to surpass the entertaining, albeit flawed, 3D games.

As always, Worms focus remains on the premise that anything can happen. The fully destructible environments, the huge array of weapons and the satisfiying feeling when you outwit your enemy, are just some of the things that make WWP such great fun. However, this is yet another flawed attempt at making a good single-player mode in a clearly multi-player orientated game.

And what a multiplayer it has! The online is the main aspect here. No, it isn't Halo 2 customisation. No, it isn't Socom level of entwinement in the game. Instead, it's the people. Each and every one of them. Worms relies on such a closely-knit community, that even after three years on the market, its fanbase is still going very strong. There's no voice support, there's no friends list, there's not even an official ranking or enrolement procedure. Instead, it's the great, overwhelming sense of belonging in the Worms online play that makes it so great. With so many game modes made (including the now famous Spiderman style Shoppa) by the community, you'll be hard-pressed not to find one mode you enjoy.

And also, with the game running in 2D and relatively slowly, you need not have a fast internet connection or a super-computer to run it. In a few words, Worms World Party is fast, simple, fun. And for £5, miss this, and you miss out.

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