Worms World Party (PC) Cheats

Worms World Party cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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bunch of weak enemy woms close by?
a good way to remove many weak worms(25 health or lower) is to kill a worm next to them...when they blow themselves up, they damage anything near it and you can make a chain reaction like that. by doing this i was able to pick off five worms plus the first one that started it all. or if YOU have a weak worm you can kill the enemy with a bazooka or something and blow yourself up in the process. this way you have the chance of furthering the damage of an enemy worm
Change the names of the CPU players in deathmatch/quick games
Codename: Change CPU player names:
Platform: PC
Need Help: Forums

To change the names of the CPU players in deathmatch/quick games, you have to win enough deathmatch games until you have at least one team whose rank is "elite". The teams are now Royalty, Team17, Dodgy8, Evil team and Venom.
Easy kills.
Trap your enemies into a narrow tunnel or a small space and throw a grenade or a holy hand grenade, put them on fire with Flamethrower or Petrol Bomb, or make them sick with Skunk.
freeze will be the death of you
a word of advice, dont use freeze if you know the enemy can either sink you or use a petrol bomb on you...which leads us to how we can deal with frozen worms. you can hurt the enemy worms by dropping a petrol bomb on them...when they unfreeze that worm(s) will get hurt AND as an added bonus, if the worm moving next gets some, he loses his turn!
Higher Damage on Shotgun
Enable Higher Damage on Firearms in Multiplayer to make Shotgun more powerful. Now, Shotgun can fire 4 shots instead of 2.
quick tip
sinking a worm is easier than killing it unless you are using something like a banana bomb. this tip is useful if you dont have any powerful weapons but you have either prod, fire punch, dragon-ball or baseball bat.
trap 'em
you see that worm who just made a tunnel? if you have a petrol bomb, drop it there so they cant escape. best if you hurt them and best if its that worms go next
using the skunk properly
do you notice a large group of worms clumped together? throw a skunk at them! you can poison them better if the worms are above the skunk(a bridge or something) and if youre lucky enough, your skunk could come across another worm as it scuttles along
what is the best/worst fort?
in multiplayer, people like to set crate showers...meaning theres a good chance armageddon is in one of them. the best fort against armageddon is the house.

forts to avoid:

the rooster
the tree
the small castles on the vines

good forts:

the house
the ancient ruins
the pirate ship

Adequate forts:

the large castle
the haunted house

a word of advice: always have at least one worm isolated from the battle, because if your opponent has armageddon your isolated worm will hopefully survive...plus it makes for a great air strike worm


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Almost anything to origynal multiplayer game
This Cheat is very Cool and it works
1. complete one multi player mission
2. start two player multi player game with same teams without any wormpot modes
3. and you will have events or options from the mission
Notes:You can advance this cheat by trying with more settings.
There would not be all settings.
If the objects (mines, oil drums) do bad placement
they appear to postion 0,0.
Tip:If you do your own mission it is even Cooler
Unlimited energy / ammo
1. Go to the /data/missions folder. There are files that you can change to
make missions easier.

2. Any mission.wam file can be opened in NOTEPAD. There is all the info
about the mission (Tip: You should probably backup all of the .wam files
before trying this, or at least the one you are working with).

3. If you scroll down to [HumanTeam], there are a few things that you
can change. In the mission1.wam file there are two weapons that you
have. The girder and the bazooka. If you wanted to have unlimited
amount of girders you would set it equal to -1. You can also change
things such as the Worm_Energy, so that in the mission you have lots
more energy. (Tip: I do not recommend changing something that you do
not know about.)

4. You can change other things if you know what they are. Here is a list
of weapons and items you can give your worms by putting the
command in the .wam file und other weapons (the # symbol is the
number of items you want your worm to have...-1 is for unlimited):