Worms 3D (GC) Cheats

Worms 3D cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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"Worm and the Beanstalk" Easy Gold Trophy.
To get a gold easily in the Campaigne level called Worm and the Beanstalk, go down the beanstalk, collecting all 15 targets with the first worm. It will take a few tries, it is slightly hard. Then with the other two, jump off the edge, your parachute should automaticly open.Press A to cancel it. Right when you are nearly to the boat, open the weapon select screen with X, and select the parachute to land safely. Do the same with the last worm.
Easily finishing "Crop Circle"
Crop Circle is a very tricky and tough mission. Here's an easier way to finish it:

Right when the mission starts, go to the weapon menu and select the grider. Then move the grider a little bit away from you, before you place it, press the Z button to make the grider bigger,then place it! On your next turn, backflip onto the big grider and then select the grider again and move it a little bit away and press Z to make it bigger and place it. When your next turn comes up, backflip on the griders and make it to the UFO! Then attack the enemies! If you do well, you should earn gold and get the level for multiplayer!

Easy Gold on "Take My Cherry"
just kill your first 2 worms and you can do it in 2-3 turns!
now you can unlock "Take My Cherry" for multiplayer mode and any similar missions!
Easy kills
You need jet pack and baseball bat fly around the level and hit your enemies of the match could end in 4 turns its that easy.
Lots of Concrete Donkeys and Blowpipes in Multiplayer
To get lots of Concrete Donkeys, Blow Pipes, and Lottery Strikes in multiplayer set the rate of crate drops to the highest, and turn off all weapon possibilities in crates. You can do the same for utilitie crates to get a bunch of Red Buls and etc.
The "Driving Range"
In the weapons tutorial, after a few weapon tutorials, you will unlock a level called The Driving Range. This is the last turotial, there is no way to complete it. You cannot destroy the targets, and sinking them all in the water does nothing. This level is just to practice aiming weapons.


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Change Map

257462320 or 194915571 - Small map that only shows a little bit of ground and a tiny bridge.

1585104494 - High altitude map.

241780260 - Very long map.

221350867 - Map that shows four consecutive submarines.
French Lover Voice
In order to get the "French Lover" voice, Get to the mission in campaigne where you have to fix the big computer. Type in "Team17" with no spaces on the keyboard to unlock it. In order to type, you have to crwl onto the key, and jump up. The letters, and numbers will appear in a transparent box in the top of the screen. You don't need to do it all in one turn.
Horror Voice
To get the Horror Voice selectable, go to the Campaigne level "Grave Danger" (The one where you have to toss grenades on the graves) and go behind the building that they start you by. There will be a weapon crate on a small mound of dirt. Drop a grenade on that mound of dirt to unlock the Horror voice. It also unlocks the wormopedia entry "The Horror Theme".
Madchester Voice
To get the Madchester voice selectable, go to the Campaigne mission "School's In For Summer" and throw a grenade throudh each basketball hoop. You can toss it straight up with a 5 second fuse, at 50% power. Don't do it if the wind is strong.
Unlock 'Grandpa' voice
complete 'Nobody Rides for Free' without letting any of the mines that you place in the ticket booths explode.
Unlock Atlantis Training Facility level
To unlock the Atlantis Training facility as a selectable level, simple play the first tutorial, and at the part where you have to go to the airplane, don't. Near the airplane theres a small tunnel that leads under the facility with a treasure chest. You have to do it at the end of the tutorial, otherwise it won't do anything.
Unlocking levels
To unlock more levels, you must complete missions in Campaigne mode. When you complete a level with a gold (and rarely, a silver) you will usually unlock the level you just played in. Your trophy rank depends on how fast you complete the mission. You will know you unlocked it during the cutscene at the end of the level, the worm will unlock a box with a lock on it, and get mamed somehow by the box.