Worms 4: Mayhem Tips

Easy trophies
For the "Barrel Buster", "Big Blast", "Animal Lover" and "Body Count" trophies and the damage trophies:

Create a scheme with just a Sheep, girders, team select, and jetpacks. Set land object to oil drums. One round win per match.

Start a multi-player game and put four human teams in and fill up the sixteen Worms. Use the weapon scheme you just made and choose landscape.

Select Camelot and type the number code 3651335800 to get a tiny arena. Then on Wormpot choose double damage, super animal weapons, and super random weapon. As the sheep is the only weapon in the scheme, the random weapon will always be the sheep.

Start the game. Fire the sheep and detonate it. The explosion will destroy the entire arena and the barrels, kill all the worms, and do about 5,000 damage (which will give you the big blast). The round will draw and you can repeat.

Repeat this until you have killed enough worms, caused enough damage, and destroyed enough barrels to get the other trophies. This will also give you the 3 and 4 Baggers and the Beast Within if you do not already have them.

When you are ready to finish, jetpack to the tallest tower and place a girder as high is you can. Jet pack up on top of the girder.
Use team select and change to another of your worms. Have them fire the sheep.

If all goes well, everyone should be killed except your worm on the girder.
If for some reason the worm on the girder dies as well, restart, repeat, and build a second girder higher than the other one.

And also: REMEMBER TO SAVE! The game doesn't have auto-save, it only prompts you after story missions and unlocked awards.