Worms 4: Mayhem Tips

Mega Weapons
Hey,I just thought that Some of you may need a few tips on how Good These,'King Kong' weapons are,Starting from worst to best. (The ones i know anyway,And IMO.)

8Th:Super Sheep
Now, Some of you may think that The Super Sheep isn't a real,'Super Weapon',But it's Got The Word,'Super' in it,And think of The levels Unsporting behavior And Nice To Siege You.

Danger Rating:2/10

7Th:Holy Hand Grenade
Need I say more? Can Kill Groups of Enemies,Make a Water hole in the Land for you to push you'r enemies into...

Danger Rating:5/10

6Th:Sentry Turret (Or whatever)
These are nothing but Pure Destruction,And Annoyance. On the turn that you think you've got 'em, The Sentry Turret Ends you're turn.
But if you've got one,It can be a BIG Help.

Talk about Danger! This Super Weapon Can End a Battle In 2 TURNS!!! But, It's good in This game Does Dragons. (Jet Pack,Top of Tower,Flood,Eh?)

Danger Rating:7/10

4Th:Fatkins Strike
WOAH!!! This Man REALLY Packs a punch! He can Create FOUR (YES,FOUR) Water holes at Once! Not to mention Take a lot of land (And Health) Away!

Danger Rating:1/10

3RD:UFO Abduction
*I am Currently Studying This Super Weapon*

2ND AND 1ST:Bovine Blitz And Concrete Donkey
Bovine Blitz:The only reason This is a Super Weapon Is because,Unlike The Air Strike,You can GUIDE the Helicopter AROUND The Field!

Concrete Donkey:All Hail The MOTHER Of All The Super weapons! 110 Damage and MORE! Giant water Hole! DEATH BY MULE!!!

Bovine Blitz Danger rating:3/10

Concrete donkey Danger Rating:1/10

I'll Be back with the UFO Sometime...