World of Warcraft review
World of Warcraft

The good:

- Graphics.
- Storyline.
- Entertaining.

The bad:

- Slight lag in some places. (on a 1Mb connection).
- Can take a long period of time to do the 1 quest.
- Monthly Fees.



Very easy to use, I was a first time player of this type of game and I found it quite easy to control the character and look through the menu's at the same time with ease, as well as chatting in-game. At first when I heard about this game, I thought that it wasn't going to be my type of game and that I'd get bored of it quickly, but the simple gameplay and easy to use menu's got me interested.


I'm not an expert on this genre of game, so I can't compare it's graphics to other games. But I can say that I am realy impressed with the graphics of the game, especially for an online game. Also the style of graphics in my opinion totally suit the game, almost cartoon like. But it works well into the fantasy of the game.


This game can keep you gripped and occupied for an extremly long time. With the patches/updates helping add to the addiction. It's not a game you complete as such, you basically do quests and train you're character and work you're way up the levels. Which takes a while just to reach the top scale of the levels and stats of the character. You can also start again with a diffrent race/class which basically renews you're interest in the game as it's diffrent quests and so on, and totally new if you've only played for one side (Alliance or Horde) and choose to switch after a while of playing the game.

Final Verdict

Awesome game, will more than likely keep me gripped for a few months yet. I'd recommend anyone with a decent computer and internet connection to try this game out especially if you're bored as it can keep you occupied for hours on end once you're into the game.

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