World of Warcraft review
WoW Review

The good:

Too many to mention, graphics, sound, music, gameplay, the whole setup is simply amazing

The bad:

Lack of a general story, potential unbalance, monthly fees


I came to WoW from playing Final Fantasy XI (another mmorpg) and I have to say after spending a single day playing WoW I felt I had wasted an entire year on FFXI. World of Warcraft is so well designed and thought out that there is simply no comparison to any other game of its kind.

To write a full review on this would be like writing a small novel, something I simply don't have time for. So instead I'll get right to the point.


  • You can solo or you can group, each class has the ability to effectively solo itself right to level 60 (current cap). Classes that decide to party up benefit from faster experience and potential better item drops from more difficult quests

  • The music is fantastic, not a single track has disappointed me. The sound is orchestrated extremely well and has set a new standard for mmorpgs in that category.

  • Gameplay is fun, the world is vast and large but its also designed so you can get around pretty easily and quickly. From high speed ships to teleportation the world of Azeroth is full of places to explore yet enables players to rendezvous within a reasonable amount of time (as far as mmorpgs are concerned).

  • The requirements to play the game are not all too demanding.

  • You can choose from a multitude of classes and jobs, the degree you can customize your character is so vast that it would be near impossible to find somebody exactly the same as yourself.

  • Upgradable content is well done, Blizzard not only makes constant attempts to fix bugs but also adds new areas/dungeons/monsters in their updates

  • Fun factor is amazing, the pace of the battle and the options you can do are fantastic. It's just a fun game to play because you can do so much by yourself and in groups.

  • Raids and killing people of the opposing faction is great fun, makes for some wide scale assaults which further add to the fun factor.


  • Not all classes are balanced equally

  • Some trees in class skills are hugely unbalanced, leading to "cookie cutter" jobs where the masses more or less force you to play a particular role

  • Monthly fee is standard for most mmorpgs but it still sucks

  • As previously mentioned there are still bugs to fix

  • There's no real general story flow, just a series of small quests you can perform. No one person steers the flow of Azeroth and there doesn't seem to be a prime antagonist for either the Alliance or the Horde.

  • There can be (and currently is imo) an unbalance of sides. Currently there are far more people playing the alliance side than there are people playing the horde side. This makes for some uneven PvP conflicts and tips the scales in PvP battles simply because there are more Alliance players than Horde.

    All in all I would say this is one of the best games i have ever played. It's most certainly the best PC game out there in my opinion. If you're interested in trying out a mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role playing game) I would most definitely recommend World of Warcraft as the top pick.

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