World of Warcraft Hunter Epic Quest FAQ v1.10
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World of Warcraft Hunter Epic Quest FAQ

by Shift   Updated to v1.10 on
                               World of Warcraft
                             Hunter Epic Quest FAQ
                                   By: Shift
                                 Version  1.10
                         Last Updated: November 01, 2005

Recent Updates:
 Version  1.10: 10/30/05-11/01/05 (2k)
  -Updated The Four Demons
  -Updated for patch 1.8
  -Miscellaneous Updates

 Version  1.00: 08/09/05-08/11/05 (39k)
  -Wrote guide
  -Released guide


                               TABLE OF CONTENTS


 1. Introduction.........................................[INRO1]
 2. Preparation..........................................[PRPR2]
 3. Beginning the Quest..................................[BGNG3]
 4. The Blue and Black Sinews............................[BSBS4]
 5. The Four Demons......................................[FDOH5]
 6. Frequently Asked Questions...........................[FUQS6]
 7. Version History......................................[VERH7]
 8. Contacts/Credits/Copyright...........................[CCC48]

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1. INTRODUCTION                                                          [INRO1]


 This is a short, in-depth guide on the level 60 epic Hunter quest series for
 World of Warcraft.  This guide will provide all the infomation needed to
 prepare, start, and finish the quests with proven strategies.  You can try
 defeating them on your own, but if you want to save time, money, and yourself
 from some frustration this is worth the read.  Keep in mind, that even with
 these strategies some stages of this quest can still prove to be challenging.
 For those that are curious, the quest descriptions are here so there are minor

 The quest is for level 60s only, and requires a Molten Core capable guild to
 start.  It has you travel all over the world to hunt down four 60 elite demons.
 The catch is that you must do it solo, this means NO PETS.  Yes, its a little
 strange that Blizzard would make a pet class's epic quest and not let them use
 their pets.  Additionally, Blizzard also saw it fit to subject you to a couple
 of random number generators, as you will need drops from both Onyxia and either
 Azuregos or random blue dragons.

 This guide does NOT cover Hunter skills, talents, pets, PvP strategies, other
 Hunter specific quests, or anything else that would be in a general Hunter FAQ.


 This document is Copyright 2005 Shift.  This document cannot, in whole 
 or in part, or in anyway, be reproduced without my written permission. 
 For more copyright information as well as hosting information, check out
 Section CC*C4 below.


2. PREPARATION                                                           [PRPR2]


 Topics Covered: General, Equipment, Potions & Food.


 This section lists all the items, enchantments, and potions that you will need,
 or at least will want, to make the quests go smoothly.  However, first thing
 first: you are going to need a good guild.  To even start the quest, you will
 need a semi-rare drop of Majordomo, a boss in the Molten Core (this is detailed
 in the following section).  Depending on how long your server has been up, most
 of the top guilds of both factions can probably consistently kill Majordomo. On
 some servers, smaller guilds that have banded together for the Molten Core have
 also been able to kill Majordomo.  If you are not in one of these guilds, 
 chances are you will not see this quest for a while, so you need not worry
 about preparing for it quite yet.

 You can also try to collect two items before you start the quest.  The Mature
 Black Dragon Sinew, and the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew, check their section BS*BS
 below for details.

 You will not need to spend money to respec your talents.  Most builds will
 work fine, but some are better then others.  Primary beast mastery builds will
 not fair as well as primary marksmanship but it's still doable.  There are
 three talents that are useful; Improved Wing Clip, Aimed Shot, and Scattershot.
 They are mentioned in the strategies but again they are not required to win.


 Your normal Dire Maul, Beaststalker, or Giantstalker gear should be fine.  You
 may want to have a slightly different set-up for each demon.  Say more mana for
 one or more damage for another, but this can normally be fixed through rings,
 necks, or even buffs.  You will want a nice high-damage Two-Hander, as you will
 be forced into melee.  If you have a Barbarous Blade, you should be fine. 
 If you happened to save a Shadowstrike from becoming 4 Large Brilliant
 Shards you may have just found a use for it.  Also if you happen to be an 
 engineer, you will find another use for your grenades.

 In addition to the enchantments you probably already have; +stamina, +100hp, +4
 stats, +agility ect.  You are going to want two specific ones:

 Name:      Demonslaying
 Effect:    Procs 75-125 additional damage and stuns for ~3 seconds.
 Cost:      ?g
 Materials: 1x Small Radiant Shard
            2x Dream Dust
            1x Elixir of Demonslaying

 Name:      Minor Speed-Boots
 Effect:    Increases run speed by 8%.
 Cost:      ?g
 Materials: 1x Small Radiant Shard
            1x Aquamarine
            1x Lesser Nether Essence
 Note:      This does NOT stack with Aspect of the Cheeta/Pack.


 Using all the following potions can be costly, but they all have their uses.
 If you are poor consider using lower quilty potions; Combat Mana Potions over
 Major Mana Potions, Shadow Protection Potions over Greater Shadow Protection
 Potions ect.  The prices on AH are average and will vary from server to server.

 Name:      Elixir of Demonslaying
 Effect:    Increases attack power by 265 against demons. Lasts 5 min.
 Number:    5(average number needed, counting failed/bugged/griefed attempts)
 Cost:      1-4g on AH, each.
 Materials: 1x Gromsblood
            1x Ghost Mushroom
            1x Crystal Vial

 Name:      Elixir of the Mongoose
 Effect:    Increases Agility by 25 and chance to get a critical hit by 2% for 
            1 hour.
 Number:    10
 Cost:      1.5-3g on AH.
 Materials: 2x Mountain Silversage
            2x Plaguebloom
            1x Crystal Vial

 Name:      Greater Shadow Protection Potion
 Effect:    Absorbs 1950 to 3250 shadow damage. Lasts 1 hour.
 Number:    3
 Cost:      3-5g on AH.
 Materials: 1x Shadow Oil
            1x Dreamfoil
            1x Crystal Vial

 Name:      Greater Nature Protection Potion
 Effect:    Absorbs 1950 to 3250 nature damage. Lasts 1 hour.
 Number:    2
 Cost:      2-4g on AH.
 Materials: 1x Elemental Earth
            1x Dreamfoil
            1x Crystal Vial

 Name:      Major Healing Potion
 Effect:    Restores 1050 to 1750 health.
 Number:    10
 Cost:      1-2g on AH.  No longer sold by Argent Dawn Quartermasters. 
 Materials: 2x Golden Sansam
            1x Mountain Silversage
            1x Crystal Vial

 Name:      Major Mana Potion
 Effect:    Restores 1350 to 2250 mana.
 Number:    5
 Cost:      2-4g on AH.  No longer sold by Argent Dawn Quartermasters. 
 Materials: 3x Dreamfoil
            2x Icecap
            1x Crystal Vial

 Name:      Night Dragon's Breath
 Effect:    Restores 394 to 456 mana and 394 to 456 health.
 Number:    20
 Found:     Obtianed through repeatable quest in Felwood.

 Name:      Windblossom Berries
 Effect:    Restores 1933 health over 27 sec. Must remain seated while eating.
            Also increases your Stamina by 10 for 10 min.
 Number:    20
 Found:     Obtianed through repeatable quest in Felwood.
 Note:      Any other stamina buffing food will work.

 Name:      Whipper Root Tuber
 Effect:    Restores 700 to 900 health.
 Number:    20
 Found:     Obtianed through repeatable quest in Felwood.


3. BEGINNING THE QUEST                                                   [BGNG3]


 Topics Covered: Ancient Petrified Leaf, The Ancient Leaf, An Introduction,


 In order to start the quest you will to defeat Majordomo Executus, who is the
 ninth boss in the Molten Core.  You will need to be in a good guild to do this,
 this quest cannot just be started once you hit 60.

 When you do defeat Majordomo the Cache of the Firelord will spawn.  Inside the
 cache will be 2 epics and either an Eye of Divinty or an Ancient Petrified
 Leaf.  The former starts the Priest epic quest, the latter starts the Hunter
 Epic quest.  Now you should obtain this item through rolling, officer loot, DKP
 or whatever system your raid has set up.  But there's one thing you shouldn't
 do, ninja loot.  In order to complete the quest, you are going to have to kill
 Onyxia, this would be kind of hard without a guild, no?


 Once you pick up your Leaf, use it and you will get the following quest:
 "Find the owner of the Ancient Petrified Leaf. Good luck, <NAME>; It's a big

  The epidermis of the leaf glows a bright green. The surface is extremely
  rugose, exposing several veins and wrinkles.

  If you had to take a guess, you would say this leaf came from something
  ancient and powerful.

  Maybe you should find the original owner of this leaf?"

 As you may have guessed, the owner is in Felwood.  Fly there and head to the
 Irontree Woods.  Just off the road, you should see 3 large motionless trents,
 or Ancients.  Approach them from the small hill, and the ghosts of the 3
 Ancients will appear.  Now speak to Vartrus the Ancient, the middle one, to end
 this stage.


 Vartrus will have you speak with him several times, I cannot find the text 
 online.  Basicly, he's pissed about dying and wants some revenge.  After your
 conversation, he and the other two Ancients will each offer a quest:

  Vartrus(Middle): Stave of the Ancients, this is the quest to kill the 4 
                   demons.  It is covered in Section FD*OH .

  Stoma(Right):    A Proper String, this is the quest for the Black Sinew.  It
                   is covered in Section BS*BS.

  Hastat(Left):    Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, this is the quest for the Blue
                   Sinew.  It is also covered in Section BS*BS .


 For you efforts, you will receive one of the best bows, a great staff and a 
 18-slot 15% quiver.  As of patch 1.8, both the Staff and the Bow can be used
 simultaneously, no more transforming needed!  Note you must complete BOTH the
 Stave of the Ancients and A Proper String quests to use the Bow and Staff.  The
 Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina can be completed separately.

  Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers
  Binds when picked up
  Ranged	Bow
  89 - 166 Damage	Speed 2.90
  (44.0 damage per second)
  Classes: Hunter
  Durability 90 / 90
  Requires Level 60
  Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.
  Equip: +17 ranged Attack Power.

  Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers
  Binds when picked up
  Two-Hand	Staff
  187 - 282 Damage	Speed 3.20
  (73.3 damage per second)
  +26 Stamina
  +15 Intellect
  +10 Nature Resistance
  Classes: Hunter
  Durability 120 / 120
  Requires Level 60
  Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 2%.
  Equip: +45 Attack Power when fighting Demons.
  Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina
  Binds when picked up
  18 Slot Quiver
  Classes: Hunter
  Requires Level 60
  Equip: Increases ranged attack speed by 15%.


4. THE BLUE AND BLACK SINEWS                                             [BSBS4]


 Topics Covered: A Proper String, Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina.


 After speaking with Vartus, talk to Stoma and he will offer a new quest:

 "Stoma the Ancient has asked that you bring him a Mature Black Dragon Sinew. 
  Should you find this sinew, return it to Stoma in Felwood.
  Mature Black Dragon Sinew: 0/1
  Vartrus may offer you the stave to create a bow of Ancients but only I can
  enchant the string required to complete the bow.

  It is a simple task, puny one. Slay a mature black dragon and remove the
  sinew from its bones. Return that sinew to me and I shall enchant the
  material into an almost indestructible bow string."

 The Mature Black Dragon Sinew is a ~20% drop off Onyxia.  Now, given the 
 difficulty of the Demon portion of this quest, and the drop to actually start
 the quest.  Blizzard adding a TWENTY PERCENT drop of something you can only 
 kill ONCE EVERY FIVE DAYS is just a kick when you are down.  The ONLY fortunate
 thing is that the sinew can drop when you are not yet on the quest(but it is
 bind on pick up).  Out of nearly 30 runs against Onyxia, my guild has recieved
 2(TWO!) Black Sinews.  Hopefully the droprate will be increased in the future.

 As your reward for this quest, you will recieve an Enchanted Black Dragon
 Sinew.  This will do nothing by itself, it must be combined with the Ancient
 Rune Etched Stave, from the demon quest.  Once combined they form Rhok'delar
 the best bow in the game.


 After speaking with Vartus, talk to Hastat and he will offer a new quest:

 "Hastat the Ancient has asked that you bring him a Mature Blue Dragon Sinew. 
  Should you find this sinew, return it to Hastat in Felwood.
  Mature Blue Dragon Sinew: 0/1
  Greetings, hunter. I am Hastat, Ancient of Lore. I hold knowledge lost eons

  With the proper binding, one of my leaves can serve as a quiver the likes of
  which has not been seen in 10,000 years. A quiver that when accompanied by a
  bow of Ancients, could grant untold powers.

  Return here with sinew from an adult blue dragon and this quiver shall be

 You have a few more options to get the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew.  Azuregos will
 always drop one, but Azuregos is a highly contested spawn on most severs, 
 especially PvP severs.  You can also try to farm one, the Blue Dragons in both
 Azshara and Winterspring have a VERY SMALL chance(~0.01%) to drop the sinew. 
 Very small as in reportedly 40 hours of farming small, they are elite and take
 awhile to kill solo.  However you can apparently make alot of money from
 farming them, especially if you are a skinner.

 Unlike the Black Sinew, the Blue Sinew is BoE, so other players can sell it to
 you.  However, do not let yourself get ripped off.  The reward for this quest
 is a 18-slot 15% haste quiver.  If you have revered reputation in Alterac
 Valley, you can get a 16-slot 15% haste quiver.  Now how much are 2 ARROW SLOTS
 worth to you?  Hopefully no more then 50 gold and thats if you dont have your
 reputation up.


5. THE FOUR DEMONS                                                       [FDOH5]


  Topics Covered: Stave of the Ancients, General Information, Simone the
                  Seductress, Klinfran the Crazed, Solenor the Slayer, Artorius
                  the Doombringer


 After completing An Introduction, speak with Vartrus again.  He will offer a
 new quest, which is the main quest of the series:

 "You must find and destroy these four demonic corrupters:

  Simone the Seductress.

  Klinfran the Crazed.

  Solenor the Slayer.

  Artorius the Doombringer.

  Destroy these creatures and return to Vartrus the Ancient in Felwood with
  their heads.

  Refer to the Petrified Bark in your inventory for clues as to their

  You MUST complete this task by yourself.
  Simone's Head: 0/1
  Artorius's Head: 0/1
  Solenor's Head: 0/1
  Klinfran's Head: 0/1

  Agents of the Burning Legion are still active in our world, hunter. These
  agents corrupt all that they touch. Nature wilts and weeps in their presence.

  You must track down these demonic corrupters and destroy them, <NAME>. Be
  warned, you must engage them by yourself or they will flee. As long as you are
  alone, they will try and destroy you. You must strike at them, turning their
  arrogance into misery.

  I grant you a piece of my bark, the inscriptions shall lead you to your
  targets. Retrieve their heads."

 After accepting the quest a piece of Petrified Bark will appear in your 
 inventory.  If you use the item you will get vague hints as to where each demon
 is.  You will get little more then what zone they are in.  This quest is
 slightly different then a standard kill quest.  This rest of this section not
 only explains how to find and kill each demon, but the rules you must follow to
 do so.

 As your reward for this quest, you will recieve an Ancient Rune Etched Stave. 
 This will do nothing by itself, it must be combined with the Enchanted Black
 Dragon Sinew, from the A Proper String quest.  Once combined they form
 Rhok'delar the best bow in the game.


 There is a key line in the quest description above: "You MUST complete this
 task by yourself."  This not only means that you cannot bring fellow players to
 help you kill the mobs, but you cannot use your pet either.  This may seem
 strange that a pet class cannot use their pet on their epic quest.  But the
 quest designers did do a good job of making each demon weak to specific hunter
 skills.  The fights themselves are challenging and fun, much better then the
 standard: send pet, shoot arrows.  However, Blizzard decided to make them 
 incredibly easy to grief.

The Rules:
 -They can be killed in any order.
 -It's probably not a good idea to be in a raid group.

 -The demons themselves are disguised as friendly NPCs.  If you talk to them
 while on the quest, a special dialogue option(where you insult them) will be
 selectable.  Once you click it, the NPC will stop pathing and transform into
 their true form.  Once transformed, you have around 30 minutes to attempt to 
 kill it before it despawns.

 -Once you have engaged the demon, if ANYTHING gets on its aggro list, including
 your pet or members of either faction, it will DESPAWN for three hours.  This
 is ment to keep you from grouping and easily killing them, but it is a poor
 system and can make this quest hell.  That random passerby 52 mage thinking
 she's helping you out with a rare: despawn for three hours.  The random group
 of Alliance looking for an easy kill and AoE the mob in the process: despawn
 for three hours.  Seriously, bad system Blizzard.

 -Being healed will also cause the demon to despawn.  Being buffed incombat will
 too, but you can go into battle with buffs already active.  The only exception
 to this may be Auras.  I'm Horde and I never grouped with a Warlock for Blood
 Pact, but moving out of, then back into the range of an Aura may cause the 
 demon to despawn.  I am looking for confirmation either way.

 -If the Hunter is not engaged to the demon and someone else tries to attack it
 they will be killed in only a couple hits.

 -There is only one of each demon up at any time.  If you cannot find one,
 chances are it was recently killed or despawned by another hunter.

 -You can track the NPCs w/ Track Demons.

 -The demons in their friendly NPC form will path over a large area in whatever
 zone they are in.  But since you cause them to transform, you get to pick where
 to start the fight.  Choosing a good spot will give you an advantage.

 -I'm fairly certain that Feign Death has a 100% succes rate.  Use this when
 you are doomed to save you your buffs and a corpse run.  If you are quick
 enough to spot a would-be griefer, feign and have the demon one hit him for
 you.  Since the demon is no longer engaged to you, he wont despawn(but will
 full heal).

 -Bring a couple friends(at least one priest).  Have them buff you and then act
 as bodyguards.  They should kill any opposite faction they see as a threat, and
 privite message friendlies so they don't interfere.

 -If you see another Hunter doing the quest, don't grief them(unless you already
 hate them for some reason).  This will just give you more competition for the
 spawn and a reason to grief you.  Just take off your gear, sit down, and watch
 from a good distance.


 Zone:              Un'goro Crater
 Recommended Buffs: Elixir of Demonslaying, Trueshot Arua
 Optional Buffs:    PW: Fortitude, Mark of the Wild, Elixir of the Mongoose,
                    Windblossom Berries, Greater Nature Protection Potion
 Items:             Major Healing Potions, Whipper Root Tuber
 Strengths:         -Has a Giant Felhound as a pet.
                    -Can debuff ranged attack power by 1,500 for 45 secs.
                    -Has a 3.5 sec cast lightning attack that hits for ~800.
 Weaknesses:        -Serpent and Viper stings will silence her.
                    -Aspect of the Wild will reduce the lightning attack by ~600

 You are looking for a female troll named Simone the Inconspicuous, who is
 followed by her pet Precious, a small cat.  She paths around western Un'goro.
 You will want to challenge her just north of the lake in the southwest part of
 the zone.  This area is mob-free, except for a Devilsaur that paths here every
 few minutes, kill it or wait for it to pass before you pull.  This spot is 
 also low traffic, you probably wont be griefed here.  There is a quest giver
 nearby though.

 I found her to be the easist of the demons.  Your goal is to trap Simone, and
 kite and kill her pet first.  Start off with Aspect of the Cheeta, lay a
 Freezing Trap, and Hunter's Mark her pet.  Regen your mana and target her pet.
 Now Aimed Shot, Multishot, and then Concussive Shot.  Now Simone should be 
 trapped, if she isn't, Fiegn and start over.  If she is, start kiting her pet
 around the lake.  Use Serpent Sting and Arcane Shot until it dies.  As long as
 You are running around the lake with cheeta on, her pet wont catch up.  Simone
 will break out of the trap before you kill her pet, but will be too far behind
 to catch up before you kill it.

 Once her pet is dead and she comes into range, Serpent Sting her.  She will 
 probably hit you with her ranged debuff so switch to Aspect of the Monkey and
 run in and start meleeing her.  Keep spamming Raptor Strike and Mongoose Bite
 whenever possible.  When she starts to cast her lightning attack, Scattershot
 to interupt it.  If Scattershot is on cooldown, quickly switch to Aspect of the
 Wild to minimize the damage.  Keep trading blows with her and drink a Healing
 Pot and/or a Whipper Root Tuber if you get low on health.  When she is dead
 collect her head.

Alternate Strategy:
 For those of you unable to kite well, or are having a tough time maintaining 
 aggro, there is a melee strategy.  Lay a Freezing Trap and Mark and target 
 Simone.  Now Aimed Shot, Multishot, Concussive Shot, then Serpent Sting.  This
 will do some damage and silence Simone, as well as trap her pet.  Now simply 
 melee her down with Raptor Strikle, Mongoose Bite and Counter-attack(if you
 have it).  Once her pet has broken the trap, you can opt to use Counter-attack
 to root it and run out of its melee range while still meleeing Simone.

 When she starts to cast her lightning attack, Scattershot to interupt it.  If
 Scattershot is on cooldown, quickly switch to Aspect of the Wild to minimize
 the damage.  Keep trading blows with her and drink a Healing Pot and/or a
 Whipper Root Tuber if you get low on health.  When she is dead collect her 
 head, at this point anyone who came along with you can also help you finish off
 her pet.  Thanks to everyone who emailed me about this strategy.


 Zone:              Burning Steppes
 Recommended Buffs: Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of the Mongoose, 
                    Trueshot Arua
 Optional Buffs:    PW: Fortitude, Mark of the Wild, Arcane Intellect,
                    Windblossom Berries
 Items:             Major Mana Potions, Whipper Root Tuber, Night Dragons Breath
 Strengths:         -Can Enrage, which increases his movement speed, removes all
                     debuffs and will attack for 1000-1500 a hit.
 Weaknesses:        -Tranquilizing Shot will remove enrage.
                    -Scorpid Sting will remove the enrage, and lower his attack
                     to 1hp a hit.
                    -Fairly Slow when not enraged.

 Franklin the Friendly is a human male who paths around the small mountin in
 western Burning Steppes, just southwest of Blackrock Mountain.  This is a high
 traffic zone and I highly recommend that you bring a few friends with you, even
 if you are doing this quest in off-hours.  I was griefed 3 times(twice when I
 had him under 20%) when I tried it solo.

 There are two good spots to challenge him.  One in a small pit just off the
 road near Blackrock Mountain.  I would not pull him solo here, this fight is
 fairly long(5-10 minutes) and this road is highly traveled.  The other is a
 good way south.  Up in the mountian side is a large flat area, which is perfect
 for this fight.  There are a few normal mobs here.  Kill them first and then
 wait for a pathing Black Drake and kill it too.

 This fight may take you a couple of tries to get his timing down.  Start the
 fight with Aspect of the Hawk on, Mark him and lay a Freezing Trap.  Open with
 an Aimed Shot, then use a Concussive Shot and keep Auto Shoting while standing
 on the trap.  When he freezes, run off to max ranage and regen as much mana as
 you can.  Before the trap breaks, Aimed Shot again.

 Now the fun part begins.  After you hit him with the 2nd Aimed Shot, start 
 running until you see that he enrages.  Now hit him with a Scorpid Sting, this
 will remove his enrage and weaken his attack to only hit you for 1 damage.  You
 can use Tranquilizing Shot as well, but its long cooldown, high mana cost, and
 its lack of a special debuff make Scorpid Sting much better.  When he is 
 debuffed by Scorpid Sting, run up to him and melee him.  Use Raptor Strike 
 once and then spam Wing Clip until it hits, once it does strafe away(so you
 dont get dazed).  

 You have about 10-15 secs. until he enrages again, and you are going to want to
 be at range so you can Scorpid Sting him again.  If he enrages while you are in
 melee, he will start hitting you for 1000+.  If this happens, Scattershot him
 and run off.  You need to get the timing down so when he enrages, you Scorpid
 Sting him, run into melee, do damage, snare him, run off before he enrages
 again.  The majority of your damage will be done in melee, but if you get an
 Improved Wing Clip or Smite Demon proc you can run off and do some range
 damage.  This fight can take awhile, so use potions as necessary.  When he is
 down, collect another head.

 Note: Twice when I was fighting him, he randomly went into evade mode and ran
       back to where I challenged him.  One time this was only about 10 yards
       away.  Hopefully this bug has been fixed.


 Zone:              Silithus
 Recommended Buffs: Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of the Mongoose, 
                    PW: Fortitude, Mark of the Wild, Shadow Protection,
                    Trueshot Arua, Fear Ward
 Optional Buffs:    Arcane Intellect, Windblossom Berries
 Items:             Greater Shadow Protection Potion, Major Healing Potions,
                    Night Dragons Breath, Whipper Root Tuber
 Strengths:         -Can instant cast a ~6sec fear that does ~600 shadow damage
                    -Every few seconds will release two small beetle pets.  They
                     move slowly, hit for 150-250 and can daze.
                    -Melee attack hits for ~300.
 Weaknesses:        -Wing Clip will root him every time it hits.

 Nelson the Nice is a male gnome who wonders around southern Silithus.  The best
 spot to pull him is just north of the Twilight Hammer's camp.  It's a large
 area with only a couple normal mobs.  Kill them all, and make sure to check 
 behind the small dunes, I aggrod a Spider that webbed me when I had Solenor at
 12%.  I highly suggest that you bring a Priest, dwarven preferred, with you. 
 You will need the buffs, and if you die, you are in for a very long corpse run.

 With the Silithus zone revamp of patch 1.8, Silithus has become a popular zone.
 The area where Nelson paths hasn't changed much, but it is right near a popular
 quest and grinding spot.  I suggest bringing a few extra friends and/or killing
 this demon in off hours.

 There is a cheap way of avoiding his fear temporally, but this may have been
 fixed in 1.8.  Bring along a warlock friend, duel him, and have him cast Curse
 of Recklessness on you just before you pull.  Curse of Recklessness is a 2 
 minute debuff that increases your attack power, reduces your armor, but makes
 you unfearable.  Useful for this fight, just keep in mind that you must stay
 within duel range.

 Solenor is the hardest of them all.  It has a randomness that can get you 
 killed very quickly.  Before you start the fight, make sure to drink a Greater
 Shadow Protection Potion and wait 2 mins. for it to cooldown since it shares a
 timer with Greater Healing Potions.  Before you engage, Mark him, lay a 
 Freezing Trap and regen your mana.  When you're ready Aimed Shot him, then
 Concussive Shot, then Multishot.  He should now be frozen, run off to max range
 and regen your mana.  If your Multishot missed the two Beetles Solenor released
 pick them off with Auto Shot.  It is very important that you start off with a
 freezing trap, if he is not trapped he will be enraged for the fight.

 Now repeat the same shot sequence.  When he enters melee range, Wing Clip him
 and run off.  Use a Night Dragons Breath to start its cooldown.  Serpent
 Sting and Auto Shot Solenor.  By this time he has probably feared you and the
 released a couple more beetles.  The Shadow Protection Potion will absorb
 first few fears, but if you got feared near any beetles, use a Whipper Root
 Tuber.  Once you regain control target Solenor and start circling around him,
 stopping to Auto Shoot.

 Your goal is to round up all the beetles into a fairly tight group.  Once you 
 get a dozen or so use a Volley to kill them all in a couple seconds.  Once the
 root breaks on Solenor, he will come to melee you.  When he gets in rage, Wing
 Clip him and run off.  Start to circle again to round up the beetles while
 firing Auto Shots and reapplying Serpent Sting.  Try and time your Multishot
 so it will kill a couple of beetles each time too.  Once Volley's cooldown is
 over, use it on another pack of beetles.  You will have to balance this all
 while being feared.  Once you take damage from his melee attack, fear, or the
 beetles heal immediately.  The fight will go; root, get range, circle to round
 up beetles while firing Autoshot/Serpent/Multishot, get feared, start circling
 again, melee, root, get ranged, Volley, get feared, circle, melee, repeat.

 There are a few things that can go very wrong in this fight.  Although a couple
 of beetles wont do that much damage if you just pass by them, if you get dazed
 you will be hurting.  If you leave too big of a group of beetles alive, and get
 feared into them, you are probably going to die.  Also getting fear right as 
 you Volley, will probably end up as a failed attempt.  The important thing in
 this fight is to make good use of your Potions, Whipper Roots and Night Dragons
 Breath.  If you are down 700 hp, use a Whipper Root ASAP.  You can take ALOT of
 damage quickly so it's best to stay as close to your maximum HP as possible.
 Once you down him, collect your well deserved head.

 Note: I did this encounter when it was bugged, every time Wing Clip faded from
       Solenor his model would 'warp' right next to me as the 'real' one would
       still be running towards me.  This made it very hard to tell where he was
       at until he actually hit me.  This led to me taking a couple more hits
       then I should have.  Blizzard HAS fixed this.


 Zone:              Winterspring
 Recommended Buffs: Arcane Intellect
 Optional Buffs:    Elixir of the Mongoose, PW: Fortitude, Mark of the Wild,
                    Trueshot Arua, Windblossom Berries
 Items:             Major Mana Potions, Night Dragons Breath
 Strengths:         -Can Enrage, which increases his movement speed, and removes
                     all debuffs.
                    -Has a DoT that he will cast if you are within 30 yards.
                     The DoT will tick for ~200 normally, but up to ~700 if he
                     is enraged.
 Weaknesses:        -Serpent Sting will cause additional damage each time it is
                    -Fairly Slow when not enraged.

 Search north of Everlook for a wondering male tauren named Artorius the
 Amiable.  He paths a large circle in the northeast corner of the zone.  You are
 going to want to kite this demon in a fairly straight line.  The best spot to
 pull him is near a tree and rock formation on the southwestern part of his 
 path.  You are going to want to run him uphill and onto the road.  There are 
 alot of mobs between you and there, and they respawn quickly.  I suggest
 bringing along a few people to help you clear a path.  One of these people 
 should be a Priest, if you have to Fiegn you are going to need a Dispell 

 Artorius is cheeta kiting made easy.  You need to know two things about this
 fight: how to jumpshot, and know the route you will take beforehand.  I will
 assume you already know how to jumpshot.  As for the route, I'd run from the
 pull spot up the hill and to the southwest towards the road.  Before you get
 to the road, start heading towards your left, so you end up running south in a
 ditch parallel to the road.  This ditch is mob free and will merge with the
 road in about a 100 yards.  You can then use the road to finish kiting.

 In order to conserve mana, I would use a low rank Arcane Shot, almost all of
 your damage will come from Serpent Sting.  You dont need to do anything special
 on the pull.  Cast Aspect of the Cheeta and pull with Serpent Sting and start
 running your route.  Jump shot Arcane Shot everytime it has cooldowned and
 reapply Serpent Sting every 5 seconds or so.  Artorius is very weak to Serpent
 Sting every time you reapply its damage per tick will increase, so much that it
 will take several percent of life per tick.   However, if he enrages the debuff
 is removed, so cast Tranquilizing Shot and start over.  Just use Arcane Shot to
 keep aggro so he doesnt go and evade.  If you get low on mana, drink a pot.

 If you slip into a 30 yard range of Artorius, he will cast a wicked DoT on you.
 This will daze you and make it difficult to recover.  If he has more then 30%
 and you will be able to get another attempt in, Feign, have a Priest Dispell
 and start over.  If you are going to try with the DoT, Scattershot him and run
 off and try to continue to kite.  But you must be very quick to use
 Tranquilizing Shot when he enrages, or the DoT's damage per tick nearly
 quadruples.  It's best to simply not fall into his 30 yard range.  Having the
 Hawkeye talent will make this fight go smoothly.  Once he is down, collect your
 last head.


6. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FUQS6]


 Q: What are the rewards for this quest?
 A: Rhok'delar:
    Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina:

 Q: Where does this quest start?
 A: It starts from an item dropped by Majordomo in the Molten Core.

 Q: Can you use your pet on this quest?
 A: Nope.  If ANYTHING other then the Hunter gets on the aggro list of the demon
    it will despawn for 3 hours.

 Q: Can I be in a group?
 A: You can be in a group, but your party members CANNOT help you in any way
    once the battle starts or it will despawn.  You probably cannot be in a
    raid group though.

 Q: Where are the four demons?
 A: Burning Steppes, Silithus, Un'goro Crater, and Winterspring.  Anyone can
    see them as friendly NPCs, but only Hunters on the quest can challenge them
    to reveal their true forms.

 Q: This sounds like it would be fun to grief!
 A: Go to hell.


7. VERSION HISTORY                                                       [VERH7]


 Version  1.10: 10/30/05-11/01/05 (2k)
  -Updated The Four Demons
  -Updated for patch 1.8
  -Miscellaneous Updates

 Version  1.00: 08/09/05-08/11/05 (39k)
  -Wrote guide
  -Released guide


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