World of Warcraft Tips

Ok first you need to download the auctioneer Add-on. To get the add-on you must go to on the left hand side it says Addons / mods, click on that. Next scroll down to where it says Auction House. Click on the link and scroll to the place where it says auctioneer, click and the click download. You will go through the download process. Create a folder on your desktop named My Mods, My Add-ons, or whatever you want to. Save auctioneer in that. Ok, to install the add-on, this works for all add-ons you have,scroll and click on the guide link that says Add-ons. Select the first guide and do as it says.

Ok, to make the money you have to go to the auction house and you will see that there is a scan botton on the bottom of the auction house screen. Click on this botton once every day until you have done that for about 2 weeks or so. What this does is it scans the auction house and it makes note of the bids and buyout prices. If the screen says no area selected or something simaliar then click on the little boxes next to the different sections of the auction house so that there is a little check in the box. When you download the auctioneer addon it also add enchantrix. This thing allows you to search the auction house for items that will make you profit. To use enchantrix you must have scanned the auction house atleast once. Ok, once you have scanned quite a few times type /enchntrix percentless 50 this scans the auctions for what will make you 50% profit. Search for the item on the top of your price range. Buy the item and anyother items you want, then collect them from the mail box. Get the enchanting profession and disenchant all of the items you bought and put the items you got from that in the auction house.

DO NOT CHANGE THE PRICE!!!! changing the price will make it too low or too high for the average price of the item. Just leave the price as it is. After you put the items up for auction just wait until the next morning and you will have lots of money in your mail. If the item doesn't sell, just relist it at the same price. don't change it. For me it usually sold with the same price the second time around. Good luck.