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Ok first you need to download the auctioneer Add-on. To get the add-on you must go to on the left hand side it says Addons / mods, click on that. Next scroll down to where it says Auction House. Click on the link and scroll to the place where it says auctioneer, click and the click download. You will go through the download process. Create a folder on your desktop named My Mods, My Add-ons, or whatever you want to. Save auctioneer in that. Ok, to install the add-on, this works for all add-ons you have,scroll and click on the guide link that says Add-ons. Select the first guide and do as it says.

Ok, to make the money you have to go to the auction house and you will see that there is a scan botton on the bottom of the auction house screen. Click on this botton once every day until you have done that for about 2 weeks or so. What this does is it scans the auction house and it makes note of the bids and buyout prices. If the screen says no area selected or something simaliar then click on the little boxes next to the different sections of the auction house so that there is a little check in the box. When you download the auctioneer addon it also add enchantrix. This thing allows you to search the auction house for items that will make you profit. To use enchantrix you must have scanned the auction house atleast once. Ok, once you have scanned quite a few times type /enchntrix percentless 50 this scans the auctions for what will make you 50% profit. Search for the item on the top of your price range. Buy the item and anyother items you want, then collect them from the mail box. Get the enchanting profession and disenchant all of the items you bought and put the items you got from that in the auction house.

DO NOT CHANGE THE PRICE!!!! changing the price will make it too low or too high for the average price of the item. Just leave the price as it is. After you put the items up for auction just wait until the next morning and you will have lots of money in your mail. If the item doesn't sell, just relist it at the same price. don't change it. For me it usually sold with the same price the second time around. Good luck.

.:Major Money:. ( skinning profesion required )
If you have chosen the Profesion of skinning then your in luck. If you kill a skinnable beast from lv 27 - lv 40 and skin them, you might recieve heavy leather. ( Note: the higher lv beast you kill the better leather you will get.) For example, if you kill a jungle thunderer, (lv 38) and skin him you will almost definetly get heavy leather, Or even better, thick leather!

Once you've skinned a stack of 20, take it to the auction house and you should be able to sell it for up to 3g each! The only thing you lose in this excellent gold farming technique is a small amount of time.

This life saving tip was brought to you by...
/script Macros
This information was taken from various WoW forums across the 'net. To enter these macros, just open the macro interface using /macro. Also, be sure to enter the text exactly as shown (case does matter and don't forget the semi-colon).

Tired of watching how slow the quest text scribbles in, try this:

-Speedy Quest-
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quests are now SUPER SPEEDY!");

-Regular Quest-
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Quests are now regular speed!");

Don't like using CTRL-1 to make pet attack and don't want to remap the key, try this:

-Pet Attack-

/script PetAttack();

The macro below will take whatever item that is in slot #1 of your 4th bag (the one all the way left) and feed it to your pet!

- Feed pet -

/script if (not PlayerFrame.inCombat) then if (not
GetContainerItemLink(4, 1)) then OpenBag(4); else CastSpellByName("Feed Pet"); PickupContainerItem(4, 1); end end
A Few Macros
Here are a few I figured out. All you have to do is press enter to talk and enter these as following:

Chicken Dance---

Go to sleep---


Blow Kiss---

Get down on one knee like a Knight---

Laugh---2 ways to do it---
lol or hehe(no / needed)

Have fun!
Alternate Controls
Did you know that you can play the game using only your mouse? As you know you can cast spells and use abilities by simply clicking on them with the left mouse button. If you press the left and the right mouse buttons simultaneously you will walk forward. Combine this with the keyboard shortcuts and you will be more mobile in combat which makes you harder to kill.
Easy lvl up at begging!!!
All you have to do is go to northshire and keep killing the defias gang and you get good money for starters and ex really fast.
Easy Money (can be only used in homelands like aldrassill etc etc)
When you are in the homelands of anywere just where you spawn when you start a character.
Kill loads of monsters (preferably when you have two bags but can do with one) and fill both bags or one if you only have one then sell any thing you got from the monster you will get alot ive got over 2 gold 60 silver and 50 copper
Float when dead....
First off, find a creature (attack on site) in the water...
get his attention anyway you want...
QUICK! hop on land and wait till the creature kills you but a soon as your health reaches 1%
JUMP!!!! when you die you wont come back down!
Warlock Fear move
You need to be a Level 10 Warlock. Use Affliction and any other move that causes damage ova time. Then cast Fear (it must be a beast or humanoid) and it will run away and be killed slowly!


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Float in the air
This requires mining. First, jump on top of a vein. Then start to mine, but stay on top of the vein. When the vein disappears, you will be floating. Warning, you can only float in the spot where the vein was. If you move, you will most likey fall. If this cheat dosen't work, please tell. Thank you.
Travel on the path
If you are a low level and are trying to get through areas with level ?? monsters, a handy tip is stay on the path. I managed to get my level 2 gnome from Khanaros to Darnassus by doing this (into Loch Modan, Across the Wetlands to Menethil Harbour and sail to Auberdine then sail to that place at the bottom of Teldrassil, then through the portal to Darnassus.