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[edit] Background

If the World Cup is the place to see the best skills on the planet then World Tour Soccer 2 is the place to play football the way we can only dream of - where looking good and playing with style are more important than winning! Designed exclusively for PSP, World Tour Soccer 2 is a showboat of quick points-based game modes, each offering something unique and challenging, and all offering fast paced accessible gaming. With 11 play modes, the game features offer two core progression structures: World Tour and Medal Mode, with the aim being to win challenges on each of major footballing continents against increasingly stronger teams, in doing so unlocking new teams, game modes and and All Star teams.

[edit] Features

  • Classic Challenge - Players can earn or lose points for each aspect of the game on offense or defense. Performing stylish soccer skills will earn points and playing poorly will cause points to be deducted.
  • In the Zone Challenge - Playing in certain areas of the pitch will gain extra points and by adapting playing style and strategy to get in the zone.
  • Challenge Plus - By paying attention to special rules and exploiting them at the right times players will get a boost in score. (Example: Completing cross passes and long passes). However, to keep players on their toes, each challenge will vary.
  • Outnumbered Challenge - Players will start a match with fewer players on their team than their opponents, it will take extra skill and finesse to score.
  • Time Attack Challenge - Players must reach a target before the clock runs down or it's over. Every target the player passes will add bonus time to the clock. (Example: Time Bonus for every 250 points earned, 100 seconds to reach the first marker.)
  • Pass Clock Challenge - The Pass Clock limits the amount of time that any single player on the pitch is allowed to remain in possession of the ball. Users must maneuver their players and pass quickly, because if the clock runs down, they'll concede a free kick. (Example: Pass in 2.5 seconds)
  • Check Point Challenge - Players must dribble or pass the ball through checkpoints to improve their score. (Example: Each checkpoint passed adds .5 seconds)
  • Shot Clock Challenge - Players must get the ball forward quickly and get a shot off before the clock runs down. If the player's team still has possession of the ball when the clock runs out, they will concede a free kick.
  • Tag Challenge - Players must pass to highlighted teammates without losing the ball. By "tagging" all the players, the team will earn the right to score. If they score before all players are "tagged", the goal won't count. (Example: Five passes required in order to score)
  • All-Rounder - Players must pass to all eleven of their teammates before taking a shot on goal, otherwise goals scored too early will not count.

This game is also known as This is Football 2005 in Europe.

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Jun 27, 2006 (PSP)
    • Mar 22, 2005 (PS2)
  • Europe: Oct 1, 2004
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