Sands of Destruction review
Sands of Destruction, doesn't that name grabs your brain and says to it what a curious title, i wonder of what it goes?

The good:

Intresting plot.

Great 2D graphics's.

Unique mechanics.

Unique Gameplay.

Very interesting characters

The bad:

can get you confused at the start.

much xenophobia and racism in this game.


Sands of Destruction a 2d game that blows you up a great JRPG good in off to substitute the lack of tales series, and i'm meaning it, this game grabs a number of the tales series and helps to make it non repetitive, you will take the role of a young commander then of a young boy both mysterious characters, the first is a noble, the second is a boy with a mission nobody expects.

Getting on the game play its very original, and easy to use, your character on the top left has a number of glowing orbs, the number of orbs= number of attacks, so its easy to get the hang of it rigth? also you have an actual way to chose how you do damage, if you want rack up combos, then use weak but long attacks, wanna cause some whacking? chose a heavy attack that few opponents will be able to take in lightly.

Story: A world that's flooded with sands..., what else? a dune rip off? i dint think so, the game introduces you at first at a high noble who is the son of the former Rex lupus (for the ones who don't know Latin that Wolf king), suddenly an attack begins on the city, and you are thrown on the battle, were you get the hang of it:

there are 4 different attacks, light, heavy, life and blood skills, the light,heavy and blood skills cause damage, the life skills heal you in the middle of a battle as an alternate to the use of items.

The story is quite unique, as the world in were its set, there are several factions within this game:

The World Destruction comitee, their objective is meant to destroy the world, they comunicate via flyers, Kyrie, Morte and several members of your group wind up in this faction.

The Life Preserving Comitee AKA the Feral comitee: this is a major faction during the gmae and its the antagonist to the World destruction comitee, they are mostly composed of ferals, the ferals are beast creatures that have humanoid form, also there are several feral lords or rex.

General movement: everything is handled very easily through this game, your character can move freely in the 8 directions, and you have an overhead camera, i know i know, you are thinking wow hold your horses over head? that's impossible it SUCKS! news to you reader are..., the programmers included a way to control the view, so you can adjust it to get a hang of what is around you.

Music: ah what is a game without its music? even i admit that the music of this game fits everything, fast paced music for quick events, inspiring and adrenaline pumping music for dungeons, battles and bosses, and a nice warm music for your towns.

I feel like im missing something, oh yeah character growth, you will obtain as you level up/defeat monsters points that will allow you to customize your character,and is less confusing than Nostalgia has, also you will always get a review of how much is left for the next level so no pausing a lot to get a view of your EXP.

Closing statements: Sands of destruction a 2 year waited game has arrived,and what we get a jewel, an other one since Nintendo DS has been obtaining quite a few lately, buy it you will NOT and i repeat NOT regret it.

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