World Cup Soccer Cheats

World Cup Soccer cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Menu Passwords
Use one of the following passwords to get to the desired round of the tournament.
PasswordWhat it does
103112nd Match
307113rd Match
015114th Match
220115th Match
721116th Match
115117th Match
424118th Match
626119th Match
6021110th Match (Quarterfinals)


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Beat Any & Every Team
To beat every team in the World Cup, line up at the goal and have your teammate pass the ball to you. Do a Superkick (A+B) and you should score. Build up a ginormous lead and then begin kicking the ball out of bounds until the clock runs down.


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Same Tournament, Different Field
Select the two player versus mode on whatever surface you prefer, then play the game as normal. Don't worry about the results; this will work regardless of who wins or by how much.
When the game ends, instead of resetting the game, select tournament mode against the computer. Choose any team and select any options that you want.
At the start of the game you'll be playing on the field that you were playing on earlier instead of the normal Tournament field.
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