World Championship Snooker 2003 review
World Championship Snooker 2003

The good:

Career Mode

The bad:

How the heck do you make a century?!


This is a must for all snooker fans. It has many professional players and a career mode to die for! As you try to qualify through tournaments, you earn money to buy accessories and ranking points to move up the ladder. Buy new waistcoats, bow ties, cues and tables as you try to make the ultimate professional. There are many REAL tournaments such as the China Open, Welsh Open and UK Masters, and of course the World Championship at the crucible, but be warned it aint easy to get there!
The different difficulty levels presents new challenges once you have completed the game on beginner, because as the level gets higher, the aiming aid help decreases making it extremely tough to make that century break.
The coaching mode gives the absolute beginner the chance to learn the game, and assisted by Dennis Taylor there are many different set ups to choose from.
You can also play a bit of pool which is very good for an arcade style game with your mates.
Overall, this is a superb game.

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