Wolfenstein 3D (PC) Cheats

Wolfenstein 3D cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Music test
Hold 'M' at the memory screen that appears while the game loads. Music menu options will appear after the game finishes loading. Enjoy!


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All guns, ammo, life...at a cost.
By simultaneously pressing I+L+M, you will reduce your score to 0 but recieve both keys, all guns, and full life.

To avoid the loss, just press it right when you begin the game when your score is zero anyway.
At the DOS prompt, type WOLF3D -GOOBERS to enable debugging mode. While in the game, press SHIFT, ALT, and BACKSPACE keys simultaneously.
Press TAB and any of the following keys simultaneously:

G - God mode

I - Extra items

X - Extra stuff

S - Slow motion

B - Change border color

V - Asks how many extra VBL's

W - Level warp - 1 through 10 - (10 is the secret level)

T - Window appears with entries from the game

Q - Bombs computer

P - Pause - Without the "Paused" window

C - More entries from the game

O - Shows map of the current level (confusing)

Version 1.0 and below
enter the -NEXT parameter at the command line
to enable cheats (eg "wolf3d -NEXT").. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + Enter during the game to toggle cheat mode (enabled/disabled).

Hold down Tab and the following keys for cheats:
N: No clipping mpde (walk through walls)
O: Overhead map

All the normal cheats work as well, of course.

Start a new game then press MIL and you get all
weapons and health , but you lose all your score.