[edit] Background

A game about magic and dueling with monsters. You use cards to help creatures aid you in battle against other creatures and players. A nice game for younger, as well as older, gamers. You enlist as a student in a wizard school, try to save Wizard City, and explore other worlds.

[edit] Game Play

Using cards, you attack your opponent. There are different types of spells, Damage, Heal, Steal, Ward, Charm, Global, Manipulation, and Enchantment
Damage- Damage cards are normal cards that will inflict a certain amount and kind of damage depending on the card’s school and opponent.

Heal- Healing cards give you the ability to heal yourself. For life wizards, it gives you the ability to heal other players.

Steal- These spells do a certain amount of damage. Then, they take half of that damage and give it to you, the spell caster, in health points.

Ward- Wards work to reduce the damage of either outgoing or incoming spells by a certain percentage, depending on the spell. These cards are usually 0 pip cost and are consumed after use.

Charm- These spells increase or decrease the overall damage, healing, or accuracy of either an incoming or outgoing spell by a certain percentage. These usually cost 0 pips and are consumed after use.

Global- These spells act similarly to charms except they cost more pips, last for the duration of the battle, and affect all players on your team.

Manipulation- Manipulation spells serve a variety of purposes. They can summon your minions, make your opponent reshuffle his/her deck, or give pips to other players. They basically allow you to control other players and cards.

Enchantment- These cards can be attached to any regular card to improve their stats. Once you attach an enchantment card to a regular card, you create a new treasure card. Enchantment cards can only be used during duels.

The element types of spells and schools and schools are: Fire, Water, Life, Ice, Death, Balance, and Myth.

[edit] Features

It is an MMORPG, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is rated E10+, but some features require an adults consent. It is a free game, with certain benefits to members.

[edit] Hardware Info

To play this game, you will need
Internet- Internet Connection Required
Operating System- Windows 98SE or later versions
Processor- 1GHz Intel Processor
RAM Space- 512 Megabytes
Video Card- Best results with GeForce 2 or equivalent(standard in most PCs
Disk Space- 5 Gigabytes

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