Wit's (Import) FAQ v1.0
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: : : : Wit's (Import) FAQ

Wit's (Import) FAQ

by Da Hui   Updated to v1.0 on
;8                                          Sr                                 
 MM                              7M@MM2M8   Mr          8MMMMM               Mi
  MMMZ                          ;rMMMMM0    XBMMr;       , @MM7             MZ 
   ,MMMM0                        XMMMMMW     2MMMMM    SM7 ;@S              0Z 
     70MMMM              ,ZMMiMB    XM       iMB@MM7   00 r   ;BMMMMa::     WM 
      aZ@MM;           SMMM   ,0M8          :SMBWS   ,WMM  aMMMMMMMMMMMM0 rZMM 
      :MWMMM          8MMr     0MMMM rMMMW@@MMWBW2  M@MMM  8MW0B@M7 SWWMMMMMMM.
   iZMMMM   XSMMM   S@MM       ZWMW.      S@MM2;    X,        ,MMMMMMM;        
   aMMM0.   8MMMMi ;MMM:       rMMM      8MM@r              :M  aMMWWMMM       
  @MM@W;   SMMM;, .8MMM       ;MM@,    iBMM@Z   ,iMMMMM    8M7   MM@0B@MM      
 8@MB@S  XMMMW7   7MMMM Xr    2MMM     2M@@a  rMMMM,  . .0WM      iM00BMW@     
 MM000BWMMM@WMM0MM@WMM   XS@ 8MM@M    SMW0B@MMMW   7MMWB0WMa    ;BMB00B@@M     
           ,,i::r         .:XrX:i       ;7S            ..Xrrrrrrrr7;           
This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to  
this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:                
                               Table of Contents                               
                1 - Controls                                                   
                2 - About The Game                                             
                3 - Strategies                                                 
                4 - Enemies                                                    
                5 - Disclaimer                                                 
                                 1 - Controls                                  
    D-Pad  - Moves character                                                   
    A      - Moves faster                                                      
    B      - Jumps                                                             
    Start  - Break Time (Pause)                                                
    Select - No Use                                                            
                              2 - About The Game                               
This game was basically a rip off of the movie Tron. For anybody who doesn't   
know, Tron was a movie where people basically got sucked into a video game.    
However, this game is based off only the light cycles of Tron. Nevertheless,   
it's still the best part of Tron, at least to make a game of.                  
The light cycles were these motorcycles on a grid that moved really fast and   
could only make ninety degree turns. You'll make walls that follow your path as 
you go through the levels. The point is to make your enemies crash into those  
walls. Once they crash into the wall, you will win the round. You have to beat 
each of the five enemies five times and then you will get the chance to battle 
the last enemy. You have to beat him five more times and you will free the     
world of their power. In the fourth and fifth rounds, you will both get a      
powerup that will allow you to hit a wall and not die, so you both have to hit 
the wall two times to be defeated.                                             
                                3 - Strategies                                 
-The Box                                                                       
Efficiency = ****                                                              
Difficulty = **                                                                
What to do = This is really an easy strategy and it's definately the best      
 strategy to use. The only hard thing about this is in the latter levels where 
 you will slide before you turn. All you really do is box the enemy in. They   
 will jump out when they run out of space but a lot of the time, they actually 
 won't. The best thing to do is to try to box them in later on in the match    
 when there's already a lot of other walls in the way.                         
-Take It Easy                                                                  
Efficiency = *
Difficulty = *
What to do = Basically what it's called. You really don't have to actually try 
 to do anything with this strategy. You just have to kind of move around and 
 not hit the walls yourself. The computer usually moves into the walls 
-Learning the Enemy
Efficiency = **
Difficulty = *****
What to do = This one is really a waste of time but it does help. Learn what
 strategies work best against each enemy. Learn all of their abilities and how
 they move. It's really just a bother but it helps if you truely are stuck on
 an enemy.
                                  4 - Enemies
Blue Man - This is the enemy all the way to the left. He's the easiest and the 
 first enemy that you should be playing. He really doesn't do anything special, 
 just kind of moves around not trying to do anything.
Bird Man - This is the enemy second to the left. He's pretty much just as easy
 as Blue Man. His main annoying point is the fact that he jumps a lot. It just 
 leaves a ton of blank spots on the map scattered about.
Multiplier - This is the enemy in the middle. This is where the game starts to
 get a bit harder. He'll run around a bit and then multiply into four other 
 people. So now you have to kill four enemies and avoid all of their walls. The
 only easier thing about him is that he doesn't jump often.
Swimmer - This enemy is second to the right. He's nothing special but he is a 
 bit harder. He doesn't give up nearly as easily as the other enemies. Just 
 remember not to give up early thinking you beat him because the round will
 probably last a bit longer.
Ice Man - This is the enemy all the way to the right. He's pretty tough just 
 because of the level. The surface is all ice so you will slide a bit before 
 you actually turn. You turn even slower when you move fast so be careful.
The Doctor - This is the final enemy. He is located on the top and is unlocked
 by defeating the previous five enemies. He's a mix between all other enemies.
 the surface is slick so you slide before you turn, he multiplies, and for some
 reason, you can't seem to jump.
                                5 - Disclaimer
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted ゥ 2005 to Frank Grochowski. International  
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at: