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Surprisingly Fun

The good:

Very Fast, destructive, lots of modes, lots of stuff to unlock, gets more addictive as you play, very nice graphics and backrounds, tracks

The bad:

Techno music gets annoying, No 4 player mode with the multitap is a real kick in the gut to the multiplayer, that would have been really nice


When I bought Wipeout: Fusion,I took a chance. I had never played any games from the Wipeout series before so for all I know I could have been tossing away $50(actually $59 w/tax cause Gamestop in the mall is a rip off!).

When I first played it I thought it was very mediocre. But as I began to attempt the ag league mode I became more and more addicted. The races got more addictively fast and the tracks became more insane.

I don't know i some people actually realize how much this game has to offer. There are a number of modes to play like the league mode where u can constantly unlock newer a...


wipeout fusion

The good:

Wipeout fans will love the music, it's more upbeat this time, the damage model is great as well

The bad:

the stylish font, i can hardly read what suspose to happen on those challenges in "CHALLENGE MODE"


Ok here it is a no none sense review of the the franchise i love. Wipeout Fusion is a great game for fans of previous games of the serious. If you admired the styling of the first games on PSOne you won't be dissapointed. The handling is a bit more pronounced between the craft this time and if you play and upgrade one of the sled you'll find it really hard to come to grips with another sled- a bit like Gran Turismo really then!

Everything is rationed out this time for the player to earn. I mean EVERYTHING. Weapons, tracks, even gameplay modes such as Time trial, which to be honest is a bit ...

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