Wipeout 3 Music Guide
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Wipeout 3 Music Guide

by Pyro Annarchy   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for Wipeout 3 on the PSX, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PSX version of the game.
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Music guide

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.oO - CONTENTS - Oo.
1 - Copyright notice.
2 - Game track listings
3 - How do I get the music off these games?
4 - Artist information
5 - Version history
6 - Other stuff

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This is the track order as it appears when the disc is played as a CD. See
section 3 for more information.

CoLD SToRAGE: Cairodrome
CoLD SToRAGE: Cardinal Dancer
CoLD SToRAGE: Cold Comfort
CoLD SToRAGE: Messij Received
CoLD SToRAGE: Operatique
CoLD SToRAGE: Tentative
CoLD SToRAGE: Trancevaal
Leftfield: Afro-Ride
Chemical Brothers: Chemical Beats
Orbital: P.E.T.R.O.L. (WipEout mix)

Other named tracks:
- The intro track isn't actually named, but it sounds like a stripdown mix of

WipEout 2097 / WipEout XL
This is the track order as it appears when the disc is played as a CD. See
section 3 for more information.

Future Sound Of London: We Have Explosive
Future Sound Of London: Landmass
Fluke: Atom Bomb (Straight Six Instrumental)
Fluke: V6
Chemical Brothers: Dust Up Beats
Chemical Brothers: Loops Of Fury
Photek: The Third Sequence
Underworld: Tin There
Prodigy: Firestarter (Instrumental)
CoLD SToRAGE: Canada
CoLD SToRAGE: Body In Motion

Other named tracks:
- The intro music is a spliced version of 'Herd Killing' by Future Sound Of
- The 20- to 30-second extro tracks are called 'Argon', 'Phloem', 'Xenon' and
'Xylem' and are all by CoLD SToRAGE.

WipEout 64
This is the order that the tracks appear in when cycling through the menu

PC Music: Chasing Radium
PC Music: Feel At Home
PC Music: Monolith Boy
PC Music: Tomorrow Reborn
PC Music: Sonic Trip
PC Music: Miles Ahead
Fluke: Goodnight Lover
Fluke: Absurd
Propellorheads: Bang On!

Wip3out and WipEout 3: Special Edition
This is the track order as it appears when the disc is played as a CD. See
section 3 for more information.

Sasha: Feisar
Underworld: Kittens
Orbital: Know Where To Run
Sasha: Auricom
MKL: Surrender
Propellorheads: Lethal Cut
Sasha: Goteki 45
Chemical Brothers: Under The Influence
Sasha: Pirhana
MKL: Control
Paul Van Dyk: Avenue
Sasha: XPander

WipEout Fusion
This is the order that the tracks will play in when play mode '1-16' is

Future Sound Of London: Papua New Guinea (Hybrid Mix)
Braniac: Neuro
Blades & Naughty G: Beats Defective
BT: SmartBomb (Plump DJs Remix)
Cut La Roc: Bassheads
JDS: Punk Funk
Elite Force: Krushyn
Elite Force & Nick Ryan: Switchback
Amethyst: Blue Funk
Utah Saints: Sick
Plump DJs: Big Groovy Funker
Humanoid: Stakker Humanoid 2001 (Plump DJs 2001 Retouch)
Timo Maas: Old School Vibes
Luke Slater: Bolt Up
Orbital: Funny Break [One is Enough] (Plump DJs Remix)
Bob Brazil: Big Ten
Intuative: Wav Seeker
Hong Kong Trash: Down The River (Torrential Rapids Mix)
MKL: Synthaesia

Other named tracks:
- The music played in the menu screens is a spliced version of 'Bleu My Mind'
by Nightmares On Wax.
- 'Carnival XIII' by Breeder was to make an appearance in the final game, but
was cut and only appears in one of the demo discs. Poo.

On a CD player:
The PlayStation versions of WipEout, 2097/XL, Wip3out and WipEout 3: SE are
just ordinary CDs. You can play them in any conventional CD player. Just skip
track 1, which is the game data track. From then on the tracks will play in the
order shown in the Game Track Listings section.
I don't know if this is possible with the Saturn or PC versions of the game,
but my guess would be yes for the PC version and no for the Saturn, because to
the best of my knowledge the PlayStation is the only console of that generation
to use discs.

Rip them:
Because the PlayStation versions of WipEout, 2097/XL, Wip3out and WipEout 3: SE
are just ordinary CDs, you can rip the tracks off them just as you would any
music CD. Any computer with a CD-Rom drive can serve as an mp3 ripper with
appropriate software (I like Rioport -
http://www.rioport.com/SoftwareResources) and transfer tracks to a portable mp3
player, but only some machines can burn mp3s to blank CDs. Alternatively, if
you have not got a CD burner or a portable mp3 player, you can just listen to
the mp3s through your PC - they will play on a program like Rioport, RealPlayer
or Windows Media Player.
Do not rip track 1, as this is just the game data track. From then on tracks
will play in the order shown in the Game Track Listing Section.
WipEout Fusion cannot be ripped this way as it is a DVD.

Tape them:
Because the PlayStation versions of WipEout, 2097/XL, Wip3out and WipEout 3: SE
are just ordinary CDs, you can transfer the tracks to an audio tape just as you
would with any music CD. As long as you have an appropriate hi-fi system with a
tape deck and a CD unit, this should be easy. Just skip track 1, as this is the
game data track. From then on tracks will play in the order shown in the Game
Track Listing Section.
The other WipEouts can be transferred to audio tape in a rather more roundabout
way. If you have fairly new audio equipment with ports for  red and white pins,
obtain a cable with a red pin and a white pin at one end and a headphone jack
at the other end - these can be bought quite cheaply. Plug the red and white
pins into the corresponding slots of your hi-fi, and the other end goes into
the line-out socket on the front of your TV. Pop an audio cassette into your
hi-fi and tell it to record.
I'd do this myself, but the TV and hi-fi are on opposite sides of my dining
room and the cables aren't long enough. Poo.

Directly to a CD burner:
If you've got a CD burner with an optical port, obtain an optical cable and use
it to connect the burner to your PS2. This will let you record the music from
WipEout Fusion and the PlayStation WipEouts straight to CD.

Directly to a minidisc recorder:
Just hook it up to the telly and you're away - you should know how to use your
minidisc player if you have one.

Record them live:
Stick a mic in front of the TV speakers and you're away. It'll produce sucky
sound quality, but it's the easiest way.

VCR to DVD method:
By far the most roundabout (and expensive) way, this is the only feasible way
of recording WipEout 64 music to mp3 or CD, as the N64 has no ports into which
a CD burner could go.
Obtain a cable with red, yellow, and white pins, and use it to connect your VCR
and N64. Boot up your console and press play on the VCR. If you can see the
game and not the tape, you have done it correctly so far.
Now pop your blank video tape inside and hit record. Record yourself playing
the game with the SFX turned off, or record the tracks playing in the menu
Then use a VHS to DVD recorder (yes, they exist) to transfer this to CD. I
don't know how you would do this, but it can be done.

Decrypt them:
You can get the tracks off WipEout Fusion using a PC with a DVD drive and a
.WAD extractor program. A good one is the tool by Zandal - try a Google search.
Apparently, though, it only works well on Windows XP, and won't do it right on
98. Poo.

Try KaZaA:
A peer-to-peer file search program. Might help you find rare tracks.

Buy them:
The soundtrack of WipEout is available to buy as a CD from places like Amazon,
as is the soundtrack of 2097/XL. 2097/XL's soundtrack has these additonal
Daft Punk: Musique
Source Direct: 2097
Photek: Titan
Chemical Brothers: Leave Home (Underworld Mix)
The 2097/XL soundtrack is also available on vinyl, but good luck finding it.
There are no official soundtrack discs for any of the other WipEouts, sadly.

Details of where to buy individual tracks can be found in section 4.

. Solo artists are sorted by their surnames. Acts beginning with 'The' are
sorted by the next word (e.g. look for 'Propellorheads', not 'The
. Only official websites are included. Many of the artists have good fansites -
try Google or http://www.ubl.com for them.
. I've included album (not singles or EPs are there are just too many of them)
discographies in chronological order for each artist. All discographies are UK
. Where applicable I have included details on where to get their tracks, if the
artists have released them outside the games.

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Blue Funk' appears to be game-excusive.
~ Discography: n/a

Rowan Blades is a member of Breeder.
~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: Beats Defective is not available to buy anywhere, apparently.
~ Discography: none that I know of.

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Neuro' appears to be game-exclusive.
~ Discography:
  - Hissing Pigs
  - Smack Bunny Smack

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Big 10' was written exclusively for the game and is not
available to buy anywhere.
~ Discography: n/a

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: I have found 'Carnival XIII' available for download on the
web, but it appears to have gone. It's not available on any singles that I have
found, so good luck.
~ Discography: none, just singles.

~ Website: http://www.btmusic.com/
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Smartbomb (Plump DJs Mix)' is on the album Still Life In
~ Discography:
  - Ima
  - Ecsm
  - Still Life In Motion

~ Website: www.thechemicalbrothers.com/
~ WipEout: 'Chemical Beats' is available on the album Exit Planet Dust.
~ WipEout 2097: 'Loops Of Fury' is available as a single. As far as I know,
'Dust Up Beats' is a game-exclusive.
~ Wip3out: 'Under The Influence' is available on the album Surrender.
~ Discography:
  - Exit Planet Dust
  - Dig Your Own Hole
  - Surrender
  - Brother's Gonna Work It Out
  - Come With Us

Tim Wright is also the man behind the sucessful 'Music' series on PlayStation
and PC, and some of his tracks can be found on the original Music title. He has
written tracks for several other videogames also.
~ Website: http://www.coldstorage.org.uk
~ WipEout: All tracks can be downloaded from Tim's website.
~ WipEout 2097: All tracks can be downloaded from Tim's website.
~ Discography: n/a

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Bassheads' is on the album La Roc Rocs.
~ Discography:
  - La Roc Rocs

~ Website: http://www.paulvandyk.de/
~ Wip3out: 'Avenue' is on the album Out There And Back.
~ Discography:
  - Vorsprung Dyk Technik
  - Out There And Back

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: As far as I am aware, both tracks are game exclusive.
'Switchback' is available for download on the web somewhere, so keep looking.
Try KaZaA.
~ Discography:
  - No Turning Back

~ Website: http://www.astralwerks.com/fluke/
~ WipEout 2097: 'Atom Bomb (Straight Six Instrumental)' is on the single Atom
Bomb CD1 under the name 'Atomix 6'. The original mix of 'Atom Bomb' is on the
album Risotto. 'V6' is a game-exclusive.
~ WipEout 64: 'Absurd' and 'Goodnight Lover' are available on the album
~ Discography:
  - The Techno Rose Of Blighty
  - Out (In Essence)
  - The Peel Sessions
  - Six Wheels On My Wagon
  - Oto
  - Risotto
  - Progressive History X
  - Progressive History XXX

~ Website: Had one, but it's gone now.
~ WipEout 2097: 'We Have Explosive' and the unspliced version of 'Herd Killing'
are on the album Dead Cities. 'Landmass' is game-exclusive.
~ WipEout Fusion: The Hybrid mix of 'Papua New Guinea' is on the Hybrid (not
FSOL) album Remix And Additional Production By. The original mix of the track
is available on the FSOL albums Accelerator and Papua New Guinea Translations.
~ Discography:
  - Accelerator
  - Tales Of Ephidrena (Amorphous Andryogynous)
  - Lifeforms
  - ISDN
  - Dead Cities
  - Papua New Guinea Translations
  - The Isness ((Amorphous Andryogynous)



~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Down the River' was written exclusively for the game and is
not available to buy anywhere.
~ Discography: no albums, just singles.

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Stakker Humanoid (Plump DJs retouch)' is a game-exclusive.
However, the original track and some mixes can be found on the single Stakker
Humanoid '92.
~ Discography:
  - Global
  - Eurotechno
  - Sessions 84-88

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Wav Seeker' was written exclusively for the game and is not
available to buy anywhere.
~ Discography: n/a

Website: n/a
WipEout Fusion: 'Punk Funk' is available as a single.
Discography: just singles.

Leftfield have, sadly, split up.
~ Website: http://www.leftfield-online.co.uk
~ WipEout: 'Afro-Ride' is on the special edition version of the album Leftism.
~ Discography:
  - Leftism (plus special edition version)
  - Rhythm & Stealth (plus special edition version)

Was meant to appear in WipEout Fusion, but was dropped early on.
~ Website: http://www.lunatic-calm.co.uk

~ Website: http://www.hoperecordings.com/
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Old School Vibes' is on the album Loud.
~ Discography:
 - Music For The Maases
 - Connected
 - Loud


MKL (Gary McKill)
~ Website: n/a
~ Wip3out: 'Control' and 'Surrender' are game-exclusive.
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Synaesthesia' was written exclusively for the game and is
not available to buy anywhere.
~ Discography: n/a


~ Website: http://www.nightmaresonwax.co.uk
~ WipEout Fusion: The original mix of 'Bleu My Mind' is on the album Mind
~ Discography:
  - A Word Of Science
  - Smokers' Delight
  - Carboot Soul
  - Mind Elevation

~ Website: http://www.loopz.co.uk
~ WipEout: The extended version of 'P.E.T.R.O.L.' is on the album In Sides.
~ WipEout Fusion: The Plump DJs mix of 'Funny Break' is on the single of the
same name. The original mix is on the album The Altogether.
~ Discography:
  - Green
  - Brown
  - Snivilisation
  - In Sides
  - The Middle Of Nowhere
  - The Altogether
  - Work

Website: n/a
WipEout 64: All tracks are game-exclusive.
Discography: n/a

~ Website: http://www.astralwerks.com/photek/
~ WipEout 2097: 'The Third Sequence' is game-exclusive.
~ Discography:
  - Modus Operandi
  - Form And Function
  - Solaris

PLASTIKMAN (Richard Hawtin)
Was meant to appear in WipEout Fusion, but was dropped early on.
~ Website: http://www.plastikman.com

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Big Groovy Funker' is hard to find, but try KaZaA, it's out
there somewhere. It'll likely be under the name 'Big Groovy F*cker', which is
its true name. For remixes by the Plumps, see the entries for the original
~ Discography:
  - A Plump Night Out
  - Fabriclive

~ Website: http://www.theprodigy.com/
~ WipEout 2097: 'Firestarter (Instrumental)' is on the single Firestarter. The
original version is on the album Fat Of The Land.
~ Discography:
  - Experience
  - Music For The Jilted Generation
  - Fat Of The Land
  - Dirtchamber Sessions Vol. 1
  - Experience Expanded
  - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (forthcoming)

~ Website: n/a
~ WipEout 64: 'Bang On!' is on their one and only album.
~ Wip3out: 'Lethal Cut' is game-exclusive.
~ Discography:
  - Decksandrumsandrockandroll


There are many artists called Sasha, but this one is signed to De-Construction
~ Website: n/a
~ Wip3out: 'XPander' is available on the EP of the same name. The other tracks
are game-exclusive.
~ Discography: n/a

~ Website:
~ WipEout Fusion: 'Bolt Up' is on the album Wireless.
~ Discography:
  - Freak Funk
- Alright On Top
- Wireless

~ Website: http://underworld-jbo.com/
~ WipEout 2097: 'Tin There' is on the album Pearls Girls.
~ Wip3out: The extended version of 'Kittens' is on the album Beaucoup Fish.
~ Discography:
  - Dubnobasswithmyheadman
  - Second Toughest In The Infants
  - Pearls Girl
  - Beaucoup Fish
  - Everything Everything
  - A Hundred Days Off

~ Website: http://www.utahsaints.com
~ WipEout Fusion: The non-instrumental 'Sick' is on the album Two.
~ Discography:
  - Utah Saints
  - Two


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07/06/2003 - Couple of spelling errors corrected, CoLD SToRAGE site added.
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